The slides from the presentation I’m giving with David Rush at the International Blended Learning Conference, Hertfordshire, today.

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  1. Thanks for posting this presentation! Very timely for me as I am currently working on my Masters thesis on Twitter and how post-secondary educators use it as a tool for informal learning. Could you tell me the source of the table on slide 31? Also, was your presentation recorded and is it available online? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Clint
      That sounds like a great Masters – and one I’d love to see. Maybe you’d feel like doing a/some guest post(s) for me too!! The table on slide 31 is from Wenger’s Digital Habitats – can’t remember which page right now! The presentation was recorded by Elluminate, but I’m not sure where the recordings are available from, or to whom, but if you check:, then someone there should be able to help!!

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