Communicating Conviction on Prezi

Currently listening to Pete’s presentation, may add a few more notes here, but the Prezi is easy to follow the train of thought!

THOUGHTS – not really investigated the media and considering what was the BEST tool for the job. A problem, because there are many churches on Twitter, and the church only has 2 followers. Twitter is not solely about numbers, but it is a factor.

Video “I am Second” – hugely popular in the States (with all in the States – many stars putting their faith up): Like Rob Bell, one person, and WORDS.  How can we express the Christian message better in pictures? I have a slight problem in that as soon as I hear American accents talking about God, I do’t know if it’s for me (that seems like a terrible thing to say, but…)

“I am Second” = reverse celebrity culture.  Props from Ikea (simplicity), why the dark location? The community around ‘I am Second’ online, including local groups. Many American youth stars, and many young people engaging strongly. What about ‘I am Last’?

Rob Bell & I am Second are polarising what we’re thinking… so if we, who are interested in media are, what about those who are just in the churches.

Accommodation Theory

Communicate appropriately – e.g. shouldn’t communicate in Welsh… Feel excluded (and maybe slightly amused)… huge mythology in Aberystwyth – the Welsh speak Welsh as soon as the English are nearby.

Accommodation Theory – use same vocabulary, etc.

Know your audience and you can start to accommodate yourself to them – not JUST words! (Is that what Rob Bell is trying to do – speak the language of the American people – looks like a Mac advert?). What about De Montfort advert:

ACCOMMODATE to the world in which you live… rather than trying to protect ourselves in a Christian bubble…  Get no sense from Rev Plumpton, as to how he actually has a relationship with the community. How compromise that identity in presenting self in media?

My favourite video so far:, by @koreuk

The Stolen Broadcast ( Left open ended, want to ask questions… no fixed meaning (some don’t like this… because they don’t get it)… makes you think!  So busy FOR God, not time WITH God… ?!

I Love Elvis: A bit like Asterix, can be read on different levels. Can enjoy with no overtones, but if ‘reading’ with some Christian understanding can see the underlying meaning. Good animation scriptwriting. [End caption would be ‘out of broadcast’…] Images tie up and really tell the same story (as you would see with the news), which is what Nooma/Resurrection didn’t do yesterday with Rob Bell.  Interesting – comment from @fleming77 on Twitter: “we all grow out of Elvis one day”. Did this video miss the exciting point where there IS an opportunity to become Elvis’s?! A good modern parable, but has it been pushed too far? Nice scriptwriting by KOReUK, & animation by:

Concern? Jesus didn’t say “let’s tell a story… and then let’s have a discussion about it”. Usually he just told a story…  Can just watch and then go to the pub? Or should they provide the discussion starters?


Not just to agree/reinforce, but to teach people something, to give NEW messages/information. What hurdles are you asking people to cross at the beginning of the gospels?

Paul goes out of his way to detextualise, to make it simple…

Does the medium need to dictate what the message is or be totally immersed in it?

At the end: What IS the message that you want to get across…  and then choose the appropriate medium that you want to do that…

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