Although this book is derived from an American collection of posters, the range of posters shown is very wide-ranging. After a brief general poster history pre-1914, the book contains many posters from most (if not all) of the belligerent nations involved in warfare during the twentieth century – a century in which propaganda and the art of advertising has flourished. Most of the posters are accompanied by useful snippets of information which tries to set the context for the poster, and discusses the significance of some of the symbolic imagery used in the designs.

The book deals with the First and Second World Wars, the Russian Revolution, the Spanish Civil War, the rise of the Nazis and briefly considers the use of posters post-1945, an era in which the television became the prominent medium, and the poster largely a support medium.

A must-have (for at least a view) for anyone interested in the history of wartime poster design.

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