Talking specifically about the use of Christian media.

Funding? Very expensive business…

Compression on TV through digital (including HD, clear on analogue TV) means, especially if move too fast, difficult to see.

Most start in TV not to make money…

So what is an HONORABLE way to raise money for Christian TV? E.g. Church partnerships?

So SHOULD we even have Christian TV?

One of the impacts of American model – OFCOM has found there are certain things they can’t regulate as people will find other ways round them. So it’s becoming increasingly liberal, otherwise closing doors after horses have bolted!

Some secular funding comes because they think there’s some interesting stories in there…

Is the brand the product or is the packaging?

What are we trying to “sell” and should the label/what’s inside in the tin match? Are we ‘selling’ – what words should we use? How do you see the word ‘sell’ – maybe you’re giving people something they want… at a cost (to someone)?

How can we be enterprising at our level? Seek God first and pray…

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