Interesting session on communications in the national church

What is the Church of England?”: “A Christian presence in every community”.

What is the CofE today?

Video created (no sound, add your own) explaining what the CofE is:

and interested in developing this.

The organisation is professional , proactive, integrated, and mission-orientated

Communications Strategy

External context scanning – communicate externally.  (EPISTLE)

Once understand the issues that people are dealing with, can communicate more effectively.

The group had a discussion about what was the SWOT for the Church of England, and therefore how can it engage best?

6-7  million go to church regularly in the UK, of which 1 million CofE.

Website (Audience)

There’s both an internal (staff & regular churchgoers) and an external audience (including those looking for weddings/funerals, non-churchgoers and the press).  A very diverse audience, so it’s unlikely that people will agree with all.


Digital Engagement is key…  It used to be an extra optional layer, now it’s key, particularly for the external audience:

Most of these projects started small in a single church, and then the momentum grows – it’s not about picking big projects.

The group discussed a great project with regards to encouraging people to have ‘staycations’ and engage with the local community.

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