Regardless of your job title or formal education, there are several media and tech skills that are beneficial to all 21st-century church leaders. See how your skill set measures up and where you could add to your repertoire.

Does anyone else get discouraged when they read COLLIDE? Every time I pick up a new issue I’m reminded how not awesome I am when it comes to utilizing media as an effective tool in ministry. It’s humbling to hear from experts who know how to launch an Internet campus, construct a contemporary worship space, design a church logo, make a motion loop, shoot video on a green screen, build a website, produce a mobile app, podcast sermons, layout and print dazzling mailers, run a digital mixer and light board, maximize presentation software, and daily craft hilarious blog posts that change the lives of readers with astute cultural observations and deeply theological insights. Who can measure up to these geek prophets?

This whole media and technology thing can be overwhelming. Keeping up with the trends often feels like an unattainable goal that might not even be worth pursuing. Still, I can’t ignore the fact that media is the language of our culture. We need to be students who are learning how to speak “media” with increasing proficiency. Instead of throwing up our hands in exasperation and wallowing in self-pity because we’ll never measure up, might I suggest we consider focusing on a few key starting points. Sure, we can’t all be experts or IT pros, but there are some basics that we need to have down if we’re going to connect with others and make an impact on our culture, so here we go. These are five things we all need to know how to do:

  1. Tweet
  2. Brand
  3. Collaborate with Artists
  4. Upload & Publish
  5. Learn

Read the article in full on the Collide website. Thanks to @sharecreative for the link.

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