Over the past couple of months I’ve been pushing some of the GPS features on my phone (I’ll be back to talk about Foursquare and Gowalla in future blog posts), and the subject of geocaching has come up several times, so what is it… this video explains best:

With my work with CODEC, one of the ideas that I’ve been thinking about is creating a geocache trail, but it was not something I’d ever done – I just knew it was some sort of electronic treasure hunt – and sounded a bit geeky – but here we are, it’s NOT:

So, Tuesday evening, I went to #winchesterweb and I knew that Aimee (@sermoa) had talked about #geocaching before, so I asked her about her for more info, and if she knew how to set one up… not yet, but maybe that can be our next project, but rather than trying to explain it, we went #geocaching tonight (and wasn’t it nice weather for it!)!

So – why would you want to?

As with many things, it’s essentially a re-invention of an old game (apparently the first geocache was set up in around 2000, when accurate GPS data first became publicly available – and not restricted to the military), a treasure hunt, but utilising modern technology (any GPS system will work, including SatNavs). Children will love it, and I really enjoyed it – a good excuse for a walk/chat with a bit of a purpose, and the excitement of not knowing QUITE what you’re looking for, and then seeing the comments & thoughts of all those who have come before you (all the time able to Tweet away, etc.!) – in these recessionary times when there’s so much concern about obesity – a free way to get some exercise (and exercise your brain!)

So – how does it work?!

So now, do I try and explain it…


On Return:
On returning from our walking/hunting (2 hours!) I logged into http://www.geocaching.com, set up an account, and then logged my finds (there’s an option to let people know if it’s disappeared, or if the item needs some form of maintenance… and hopefully you won’t need it – to say that you couldn’t find it)!

Next Steps:

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  1. Found this post really interesting. I am an avid Foursquare user and have started geotagging my tweets and pics on Flickr. I think that Geocaching would be great for team building events.

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