I’m so excited…. I just can’t hide it… I know I know I know…

Well, I thought it was better than heading it “Walk Like An Egyptian”!!! I’ve been missing my travelling, but last year was pretty much all I could do to earn enough to live on – this year, however, I know what work I’m doing for the next year, so I can plan in a trip… and am going to spend Christmas and New Year in Egypt!! Here’s the blurb from ‘GoBus’s’ website:

“Travel with GOBUS to the land of the Pharoahs, where an amazing action packed adventure awaits you. Nowhere does ancient better than Egypt! Walk like an Egyptian amongst one of the ancient wonders of the world – the awe inspiring Pyramids of Giza. Explore the spectacular tomb strewn Valley of the Kings in Luxor and gaze in wonder at the mighty Abu Simbel. Top off your journey back in time with some good old fun in the sun – sailing down the Nile onboard a felucca and swimming in the azure waters of the Red Sea in Dahab.

Our tours are designed for the budget conscious traveller who wants to see all the major highlights of Egypt without breaking the bank. Cross Egypt off your wish list and experience all it has to offer with GOBUS!”

I’d not heard of them before, but a friend had seen Travel Talk’s trips, but there were quite a few negative reviews of them on the internet, and it’s always good to do a bit of extra checking (without spending HOURS checking), and I came across GoBus, for which I could find nothing but good reviews (not on GoBus’s site!)… the only complaint I could see was from someone who wasn’t on a GoBus Tour – and the Tour Leader helped him get to a hotel – and his criticism was that the GoBus Tour Leader didn’t seem sure what to do…!

We’re on the Pyramids & Beaches tour – so a chance to chill out in Dahab at the end (hopefully with a bit of diving!) – can’t wait!!!

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