The Science Museum has started creating “Lates“, an evening at which only adults are present. It’s title “adults only” appears to raise a few titters, but, just think, how many times have you tried to get around a museum and not been able to see past crowds of children! It was Rachel’s birthday, so she invited us to partake in the “silent disco” last night. I’d not been to one before, so it seemed like a good idea, and a good chance to catch up with Rachel too (and as I was in London that day anyway…). The disco was hosted in the Space area of the museum, so slightly surreal. Incredibly funny as you first walk in and see people dancing around to “nothing”, but once you have your own headphones on, you kind of forget that the music’s “for your ears only”.

Rather surreal:

The headphones have a choice been up to 3 DJs (the museum had 2), and you can tell which channel others are listening to via the green, blue or red light on their headset. The real advantages were: if you don’t like the music, you can try another channel without having to go to another room; if you don’t like either – take the headphones off! Taking the headphones off can also open you up to another couple of experiences – chatting to friends at a normal level rather than yelling over the music (am I sounding old!), and listening to people singing along to the tunes:

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