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  1. How long does it take to actually prep a prezi? Looks to me like it would take a while to get the hang of it / you’d have to use it quite consistently and regularly before the process starts to come naturally…

    Does look good if you can manage it though!

    1. I’m building one this afternoon. I started at 12, took a bit of time out for a shower/lunch, and still working on it (but hadn’t pre-planned my content, which is partly why I like this – can move things around a lot): http://prezi.com/gld20g5qrwtk/facebook-groups/. I’m giving a workshop to the uni on using Prezi on 14th Oct, so will have to have prepared a Prezi on Prezi before then… much earlier if I get the time. Basics are easy, but having done 4-5 now, I’m experimenting with a bit more creativity. In some ways find the lack of designs a bit limiting, but it looks more polished than PowerPoint!

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