US college list claims to get under the cultural skin of the Class of 2014. Sarah Cunnane reports

Scholars wishing to keep their finger on the pulse – or simply to avoid being seen as an old relic by their students – have been given a helping hand by US academics.

Beloit College has released its annual “Mindset List” to help lecturers stay on top of the cultural references that will and will not resonate with the Class of 2014, “a post-email generation for whom the digital world is routine and technology is just too slow”.

The list, which is updated each year, was created in 1998 by Tom McBride, Keefer professor of the humanities, and Ron Nief, former director of public affairs at Beloit, to “remind faculty to be aware of dated references”.

Read full story, including a top 10: “John McEnroe has never played professional tennis”.

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