Benjamin Ellis: Why the ‘we’ generation ‘knows’ different.

In many ways we’re more privatised whilst also more public….

Things get faster and faster, with each technology things increase (exponentially?!)

A fish will be the last to discover water. We don’t notice air until it’s gone.

Everything is now micro decision which is part of a bigger decision.

Changing Behaviours

Can drive and change behaviour – e.g. Foursquare – can choose to go to where “your” people are.

Lots of small decisions affected by each email etc – invisibly consensus based. Difficult to know who know who made the decisions.

Barely planned behaviour has become the way of doing things.

Curating Knowledge

There are 2 types of knowledge – the subject or where to find it.

Google not a search engine but an index – like searching the back of library books. Amount of knowledge in the world has exploded. Grows faster than we can read it.

Businesses want tacit knowledge. Quantifiable. Our perception is that everything is knowable and that we do know most of it. Many think that Google’s first answer ‘is the right one’ (whether consciously or not).

Context Is King, what are the links between: data information knowledge wisdom.

Need for knowledge workers.

Knowledge is knowing that drop MacBook from 3m will break. We’re obsessed with situational knowledge because we can process it.

Wisdom is being able to apply knowledge in unknown situations e.g. knowing that leaving bag open on tube with MacBook in it…

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