‘Show me the money’


Why are we on social media if each of our followers isn’t giving us money? Essentially about sharing (Twitter, Facebook, Music etc.)

Also about influencing – may not be changing substance but way people interacting. A lot of people aren’t in for the money.

Concerns re books & newspapers available for nothing. When the Times went behind a pay wall – derided. Facebook & Twitter every time try to make money is derided. We’re training a generation to expect everything for nothing. Where do we make money – a disconnect between what people expect for nothing

Disconnect. Better to have 10% of users paying or 100% non paying. If we’re using free services can we complain if it goes wrong. How do we pay for innovation? Expect the unpaid model to change – debates re now we make this sustainable. Lots of businesses depend on stuff for which they’re not paying.

Next generation going to expect everything for free but going to be left with our bills. Is this like the 1960 – free idealists – are we due a 1970s/80s style reality session. Clapperton.tel

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  1. Response sent by email from Dickie Armour (anyone any idea why I haven’t received it, can’t work out why it’s not here!), see http://www.dickiearmour.me.uk/

    Perhaps I’m missing the point here – I didn’t see or hear Guy’s talk live. But this isn’t anything new.
    Google had always been a free service and yet they have just announced $4.5Bn profits.
    LinkedIn has always offered a free service but have monetised their model via their premium service.
    Facebook has always been a free service and yet they too have monetised their business via PPC ads.
    I’m sure it will be the same with Twitter. They have already sold their stream to the search engines.
    Isn’t this what happens? The free service remains but the platform offers additional, improved features and services for those willing to pay?!
    So why the worry about free? Isn’t this the way it’s always been?
    And to draw a wide generalisation that Social Media doesn’t give us money seems a tad wide of the mark.
    I’ve made money as a direct result of Twitter; I’ve won new business; I’ve saved customers and I know lots of people who have also made money via Twitter.
    I don’t think the unpaid model will ever change and nor should it. I don’t think generation Y will be any more demanding. In fact they will more likely know the score better than us!!

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