But at last, a new device arrived that really seemed like a solution. The iPad is light, stylish and a dream to use. It will carry all the documents you need, yet despite its compact size it is really easy to read: you can enlarge the section you want, annotate it, make notes, pull it this way and that. It’s so neat and elegant and smart, it makes paper look like an embarrassment from an earlier, more primitive age.

At first, I had such high hopes for my beautiful, clever new toy. But like a seemingly cute new kitten, the iPad is insidiously beginning to take on a life of its own. It bleeps through the night, even when switched off. It’s constantly telling me what to do, even though it’s damned if it’s going to do what I want. Still, at least it recognises me and will grudgingly behave itself when I proudly flourish it at meetings. But no one else can borrow it because it simply refuses to accept their downloads, let alone their commands.

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