1) To introduce ourselves:

In this talk today, we will be looking at a mix of theology and practical examples, as we seek to identify some of the tools that are available, whether the internet offers a fundamentally different experience, address questions of online identity and authority, and finish where all new media projects should start, with play.

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2) So, what kind of tools are available?

Know your audience, and don’t expect one tool to solve it all…

So, talked about all these tools. Look at some thoughts about it…

So, think about what you’re trying to do and whether you have the right tools in the box, or which you need to learn. Now, we said Gutenberg’s invention was a game-changer, what about the internet….

3) ….. Maggi….

My scribbled notes from listening to Maggi

4) Is the virtual real?

5) … Maggi ….

My scribbled notes from listening to Maggi

6) The importance of play

Do please join us for #bigbible, and now, any questions…

7) Questions

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