If you talk to me of God…
…Please offer me more than a rulebook, theories and ideas, vague promises of a greater understanding later on. I need something that has meaning in my here and now
If you talk to me of Gods son…
…Please offer …me more than a newborn in a manger, or a teller of tales, gentle bearded hippy with a considerable fondness for children and a greater capacity for being misunderstood. I need someone who has meaning in my here and now.
If you talk to me of Gods spirit…
…Please offer me more than a hovering dove, beautifully pictured in stained glass, stained glass has not much day to day usefulness.
What I need is a friend who will come alongside me, love that will never let me down, and a leader I can follow with confidence to the ends of the earth.
If you talk to me of that God.
I will listen.


WHO’S WHO in @Natwivity?


Meet Joseph, a young unmarried man who lives and works in Nazareth, Galilee. As the story unfolds he begins to understand how he, an ordinary carpenter, will play his part in saving the world. Joseph is in a relationship with Mary.


Mary, a young girl brought up in an ordinary household. She is preparing for her future with the young and handsome Joseph. Still living with her parents, every relationship Mary knows is about to change.


The Wise men embark on a journey following a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event. Their journey takes them to towns, palaces and a stable as they encounter danger, deceit and surprise. Their camels are packed with all sorts of Eastern wonders and valuable gifts.


A 0-AD Bethlehem shepherd is considered to be an outcast in society. Living in caves on the hills of the town, they work from dawn til dusk protecting and keeping their flock.


Liz is Mary’s older cousin. Through shared experiences they find support and comfort in each other through challenging times.


Bethlehem’s busy! A census has been decreed by the Emperer Augustus and those that call Bethlehem home return to respond. Guest houses and inns fill up and this manager is set for a busy few weeks.


He’s the most powerful character wrapped up in this story until he hears of a threat to topple his authority. Jealousy seethes through his veins and his actions jeopardise the fate of things to come.

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