The image below looks rather familiar from all the images at Heathrow Airport over the last few days (thankfully I was able to get home, and not get stuck there).  The story has just run on BBC London News, investigating Christmas 1940 down the Tube. Initially customers had to break down barriers as officials weren’t letting them in, then they commandeered space (nights only!), anything they could use for coverings, etc., originally chaos, but then the Government got on board and started to bring food packages down, deal with sewage, etc…

Thankfully don’t think Heathrow has that issue with the sewage, but the lack of information there on Saturday (yes, I was supposed to fly to Cairo on the 18th, having another go tomorrow 5pm, aiming to get to the airport by 12!) was pretty awful. Essentially the message was “Go home, try, which tells you to ring an 0800 number”, but we didn’t get this message until we’d been in the Terminal for nearly 2 hours (yes, there was ‘Please ring 0800’, but the long queue was assumed to be for rebooking and no one was telling us otherwise…!)…

Meantime, I was wearing my ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ jumper at the airport, and will be again tomorrow… have definitely had to employ that over the last couple of days!!

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