As you know, I’m always up for seeing a subverted poster, or a wartime poster put to a new/clever use… so very excited to see the following competition (bit of a shame that an American poster was used for this new British campaign though):

“We are launching a competition to find the best ways in which the wartime poster and public education campaigns can be re-imagined to help today’s society understand the dangers of climate change, and what they can do to help. Wartime slogans such as “Is your journey really necessary?” remain relevant today when so much business travel could be replaced by video conferencing, for example.

Closing Date: 6 May 2011


Prize: £100, plus the winning design will be used as the front cover of the next New Home Front report, which will be a compilation of the best images and ideas. This will be printed and distributed, and presented to Parliament. The best designs will also appear on the New Home Front website in a downloadable form, so that people can print them off and display in workplaces, schools etc.”

See more on the website as content becomes available.

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