What are my deadlines?

Well, alongside steadily working at the University of Winchester as Blended Learning Fellow, and regular teaching commitments (and marking… maybe I should put that into this timetable!), keeping The Big Bible Project going,  chipping into 12baskets, and here’s some big deadlines coming up:

  • [15th March: Night Photography]
  • [19th March: TEDX Event London]
  • 21st March: Pre-Advertise HEEG event with Lisa Harris et al
  • 22nd March: Event with Andrew
  • 23rd March: JISC Experts Group
  • [26th March: Street Photography]
  • 1st April: PGCLTHE Portfolio Assignment
  • [4th April: Guy Kawasaki Event]
  • 6th April: Plymouth Learning Conference paper with Marcus
  • 12th April: Edinburgh, Visual Story Network
  • Mid-April: Talk to David Bownes
  • 27th April: L&T Day, University of Winchester
  • 2nd May: Social Media History Lecture for 21st Century Media
  • 18th May: Innovation in IT Session 3
  • 23rd May: Twitter for Careers Workshop
  • [24th May: Thinking Digital Conference]
  • 1st June: Innovation in IT Session 4
  • 13th June: C&M Network Conference (Panel)
  • 20th June: MediaLit (tweak ‘Revolution’ presentation, and completely redo practical session + worksheets)
  • End-June: All SkillsNet programme level materials in base form, so can be built upon
  • 1st July: Loughborough BODGIT Event
  • July: CofE Workshops
  • 13th July: Cultural Memory Conference (paper on WW2 posters)
  • 14th July or October 19th : JISC Experts Group (present paper?)
  • 14th July: Winchester Women Graduates Talk on WW2 posters
  • ?: (July) Social Media Strategy for Christian Connection.
  • <edit>[6-15 August: Malta]
  • ?: Twitter article with David Rush
  • ?: Article on Keep Calm and Carry On for The Poster Journal
  • ?: Book Proposal (talk to Jenny, IWM)
  • ?: DVD with Matt Buck
  • 6th September:  ALT-C Papers (BODGIT Workshop and Twitter paper)

and knowing me, I’ll have forgotten something…

3 thoughts on “What are my deadlines?

  1. Keep reminding me Lorraine 🙂 Christian Connection are also looking for some help with their social media…

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