“If I Were a Teacher….”

I love this… “if…” Ha… and why only one subject…. I teach history, media studies and digital living/literacy… at Universities of Winchester and Durham, and on a consultancy basis elsewhere! Look out for http://bigbible.org.uk ‘The Big Read 2011’ starting today!

Media leaders on future of journalism and news

Editor of The Guardian Alan Rusbridger, Editor of the Financial Times Lionel Barber, Director of External Relations for Google Peter Barron, BBC Director General Mark Thompson and Anne McElvoy from The Economist join Newsnight’s Jeremy Paxman to discuss the role of the professional journalist versus the citizen journalist and the democratisation of news. Broadcast on […]

Democratic Freedom of the Humanities Threatened?

Funding cuts blamed for endangering democratic freedom of the humanities. Matthew Reisz reports Humanities academics are in danger of being reduced to “intellectual lap dancers” by the radical changes to higher education in England, a history professor has warned. Speaking at a conference in Cambridge, Richard Drayton, Rhodes professor of imperial history at King’s College […]

Review of 'Alone Together'

Tara Brabazon believes communication platforms enhance interactions when used appropriately Some books are worthy and earnest. Others sling “2.0”, “digital native” or “zombie” into a title to show that the author is down with the kids. Very rarely, a book is published that plays tug of war with our beliefs. The words pull and jolt. […]

Talk: Seeing it through – wartime posters on the Underground @ltmuseum

Tuesday 1 March 2011 London Transport’s war posters used modern design to convey essential information to passengers and staff. Thoughtful passenger behaviour was encouraged in the humorous cartoons of Fougasse and David Langdon. More direct appeals for co-operation, or advice on sheltering and the ‘blackout’ were expressed in easy to read layouts. Other posters celebrated […]