How did the social media world react to the #RoyalWedding?

Did you get involved with the Royal Wedding? I saw a lot of people who had avowed that they weren’t going to get involved, vigorously tweeting & Facebooking about the event, and I watched much more of it than I anticipated, and went to a garden party in the afternoon! The social media available was credited with allowing much attention, and the Royal couple themselves appeared to have embraced it, announcing their engagement on Twitter!

Facebook tends to be touted as the most influential place (all those friendship links), but the buzz was all coming from Twitter (but then it is designed for that kind of story – you’ll annoy all your Facebook friends if you constantly update your status every 5 seconds…), which of course is an open platform (whereas Facebook should be behind a privacy wall)… although blogs also are open, but not so immediate:

Image courtesy of webtrends

Traditional Media was having their fair share of the fun, both here in the UK, and in the States:

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