When I was teaching as a postgraduate lecturer, I didn’t get a great deal of guidance, although my PGCLTHE completed over the past couple of years has been incredibly helpful… how do others fare?

Only about a third of postgraduates who are employed by their university as teachers feel that they receive appropriate supervision and feedback.

The statistic is included in a charter produced by the National Union of Students and the University and College Union setting out how universities should address the issue.

In a survey of about 350 postgraduates with teaching experience, 36 per cent agreed that they had received appropriate supervision and feedback, while 63 per cent had received no advice on professional development or training.

However, 87 per cent said they were confident that they performed their teaching role adequately.

The Postgraduate Employment Charter lists 10 principles of good practice relating to the employment of postgraduates.

Sally Hunt, UCU general secretary, said it “reaffirms that postgraduate researchers have the right to the same treatment as other university staff, meaning a proper contract, adequate payment, training and access to resources to support their work”.

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