We all know about flashmobs, right (which probably makes it easier to organise one… as people will stop and look!), and this one happened earlier this week. It’s interesting, as most of us will have missed the actual event in Trafalgar Square, but social media allows it to ‘go viral’. 10 minutes is still long for a video (even one for such a good cause)… and of course the intention is that you’re not wandering around throwing out leaflets (well, not that we can see on the video anyway!), but that you do the event, which many people will record unofficially on their cameras/phones, upload and say “I was there”, and then put out the official video which most will see (18000 so far), and then hopefully people will tell their friends about it, and visit the website (which was clearly advertised on the t-shirts).

Flashmobs… extremely ephemeral… it appears, it’s gone… but it’s recorded forever!

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