"Slay the middle-class shibboleth"

Going to university has become a “middle-class shibboleth” that reinforces social divisions and prevents the poor from accessing higher education to improve their life chances…..

Published by the Pearson Centre for Policy and Learning, Blue Skies: New thinking about the future of higher education brings together academics, sector leaders and politicians to assess the implications of the recent funding reforms and the challenges facing the UK academy. …..

Others consider pedagogy and suggest that it needs to be radically altered to make it compatible with an internet age in which students can access information instantly.

Phil Race and Sally Brown, both with links to the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Leeds Metropolitan University, argue in separate articles that the nature of assessment needs to move away from out-of-date methods that unwittingly encourage plagiarism.

“Some would even say that our…assessment system is broken, that nothing less than a radical overhaul can save it from falling into total disrepute,” writes Professor Brown.

Read full story, and access a PDF copy of the whole book on the Blue Skies website.


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