JISC Emerging practice in a digital age

Emerging & disruptive technologies – a little outside the comfort zone. A little more effort to think about how can use them well in the teaching spaces. What are the implications for supporting them institutionally … And which are students bringing in & need to be thought about.

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Discussion – challenges:

Drivers for change

Core Challenges

Case Study: Linking learning to location – University Campus Suffolk (Andy Ramsden)

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Using QR codes. Small project to get people do/talk – just get things going to be able to build upon. Low threshold application (he’ll find a URL later … Uses something like Google to create the quiz in the background… See photos). Do self, if works, then can start to talk at a higher level & get IT involved… And people start to come to see what you have done & know you’ve solved other problems so ask about next problem. (See example of a tour)

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Collates answers from a walk outside – then can use the answers to feedback (feedback loop) & fill in the gaps.

In under 150 words – think of teaching & learning applications of this …

See: http://tinypaste.com/788d5

A message to remember

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Lots more in the guide. Organisation has to be the engine that drives things forward. Slides, etc. are here.

This blog entry was written live in session, with photos/headings added afterwards.

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