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Assume can see value in game-based learning – as in this session.

Most of session = practical game playing.

Not limited to playing games, Game-based learning has been around for years – doesn’t have to involve high end technology – leads to …

Discussion, reflection, collaboration.

Active, experiential, collaborative, problem-based learning.
Interactivity & feedback (time appropriate), challenge & scaffolding (from novice to expert), safe environment to practice (fine to fail, reflect on it), playfulness = removal of stress, engagement & motivation (don’t assume they don’t need convincing.

How does the game fit within the design of a course as a whole? Think about needs/experience/requirements (then choose appropriate tools Inc tech).altc2011 020

Course teams – local/regulatory context… Need to widen view
Traditional methods – meetings, presentations, prof devt, local champions

Long timescale – no guarantee people will be on board at the end.

altc2011 021

A taste of the debate ongoing at this table:

Getting discussion going about the issues #altc2011 (mp3)

altc2011 022

Remember Throughout this what the purpose of any game may be. Educationally it’s more likely to be debate/reflection of the content rather than trying to win.

This blog entry was written live in session, with photos/headings added afterwards.

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