Workshop: Enhancing Synergies

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How do you transfer materials into OER?

Not time, not experiment (then say haven’t got time to go to workshops though enthusiastic at demos), can include ‘grey OERs’ (e.g. youTube no CCLC licences; perception that institution owns copyright of their teaching materials; lecturers won’t share materials; don’t understand that educators need to maintain copyright; people interested but too many barriers = excuse; academics concerned about reputation/concerned students won’t come if material freely available online (find materials that blend = not replace).; if students can answer questions on Google are not providing added value teaching!!

Materials go online (MIT – shown & registrations shot up); lectures on video – then use precious f2f time for elsewhere; peer judgement (students are used to making public judgements/academics used to anonymous peer review); a lot of academics don’t want to give ‘their space’ in the classroom.

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Using coaching techniques… Where do we go from here? How positive? Show good examples of teaching etc, discuss – continued teacher development? People like examples… Not just systems. YouTube tutorials on particular packages.

Institutional fears – HE different from FE don’t share. Many actually using materials that others have produced – borrowing & improving – let’s be more transparent about it. E.g Generic examples, then specific contextual materials. Continual looking at practice & improving it. Rather than some institutions ‘marketing knowledge’.

Lot of concern over quality, lots of materials – how to find what’s going to be useful? Jorum – Spend about a minute before giving up and going to Google – needs better usability. Take time to make materials a bit more accessible, rather than putting up digital versions of eg a word doc.

Look at models that work – e.g. amazon – can develop similar models?
Is a validation model for this required? ‘have you thought about a blended learning aspect?” ( if don’t do at least have to provide a rationale for why not.) start small, get it right, spread the word, including the students… Support within faculty/discipline.

Need support materials AND extension exercises (2nd tends to encourage digital).

Another exercise group – similar questions – autumn CPD coffee meeting giving guidelines on finding ‘free stuff’ to save time to augment teaching, help them to search, guidelines on not ripping off guidelines, what a gateway to Find materials – in past = INTUTE, people value items they can’t make themselves (audio, visual, diagrams); issues about employment contracts/IP; openness of the institution of sharing. How derivative works are? Where should credit be given? Ignorance about different formats. Worry about delivery ‘appropriate’. Need for good metadata.

I look forward to seeing more material, which should appear here.

This blog entry was written live in session, with photos/headings added afterwards.

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