A worrying element to plagiarism… self-plagiarism .. are you using your intellectual copyright, or are you rehashing old material?

Professor Roig has investigated plagiarism in depth and written guidelines for the US Office of Research Integrity.

Speaking to Times Higher Education, he said: “When someone reads a work, he or she is under the assumption that it is original and new. Recycling involves an element of deception.”

Although he admits he has no firm data, he believes the problem of plagiarism in general is increasing because it is so easy to copy and paste material electronically.

“Good writing takes effort and cognitive resources. If you lack good command of the language, it’s more enticing to use existing text, especially if it is well written. But (in addition), a lot of authors don’t believe there’s a problem reusing their own work,” he noted.

One problem is the lack of guidance on the issue of self-plagiarism. “There needs to be a consensus on the inappropriateness of this practice,” Professor Roig said.

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