Over the past 48 hours, something very interesting has happened! Around 4ish on Monday, I Facebooked @JamesPoulter about something… he’d just returned buzzing from #likeminds, and he rang me back to say that @dean_seddon_uk (who pastors a church/has the venue/runs this kind of event on a regular basis) had been on the phone talking about arranging an event in Manchester – a social media/Christian event in the regions, and they’d already been speaking to @ichthusvideo too! I think there’s so much that can be done on this, so chuffed to be asked to speak/help organise… I consider myself an hon. Manc, as I lived there for a couple of years – hated my job, loved the city/people… and I’ve spoken to Andrew Graystone a few times about doing something in Manchester. I was at my University of Winchester job, so just checked in occasionally, set up the FB page (different from the secret group where the organisation/floating of ideas continues), and started floating around ideas for speakers (I have so many connections – many of whom came to #CNMAC10 & #CNMAC11 – and a number who I got know (better) through those events, other events (I speak at quite a few now), and via, of course, social media). I was also at housegroup/cooking up my meals for the rest of this week, so was checking in sporadically. Things moved faster than I expected … over a couple of hours

By Tuesday morning the event looked like it had been planned for ages… but much, including speakers are still being decided! I’m speaking at a number of events, but I’m keen to see lots of local events happening – in the same way as social media works as a network, on a hyper-local level, looking to expand relationships, build in layers, collaborate …
Sorry it’s not a more detailed post, but giving an insight into what’s going on … and you’ll see the rest emerge as the conversations continue! Let us know if you’re interested in being involved … and let me know if you’re thinking of doing a local event, which I am keen to add to: http://bigbible.org.uk/digilit/events/. There are some things to learn from having done it at this speed – I may reflect on those another day!

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