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Checking in with #JISCEL11

It’s nearly that time of year again, for the JISC ‘Innovating E-Learning’ conference, a conference which you could attend in your pyjamas if you like.. last year’s event was excellent!

For only £50, there’s the opportunity to listen to a number of experts present about the latest projects in technology enhanced learning, to connect and converse with a number of people.. and this can all fit around other things that you’re doing over the four days of the event.

As a super-delegate, I will be particularly active in the asynchronous forums, particularly important for me, as many of the sessions are ‘live’ at times that I can’t be, but I can listen to the recordings, see what people have already discussed, and then join in the discussions. To get a taster, JISC has an asynchronous radio show, with lots of recordings already in place.

There’s a great range of material. In the ‘Activity Week’ (next week), I’m particularly interested to see what Peerwise is/can do, to see Gradspace (which could complement what we’ve been developing with SkillsNet), practical guidelines for running virtual classrooms and a number of talks on digital literacy and mobile learning.

For the conference itself, I know I can make the opening keynote live ‘Towards a digital pedagogy’, and then it gets a little more difficult, as I’m running a couple of church events (so I KNOW I can’t attend anything live on Thursday), speaking at #digimanc (although I’m seeking space to join in with the closing keynote), running a Survey Monkey workshop and student tutorials. It’s a particularly packed week, and an interesting way of being able to stay engaged!!

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Digiexplorer (not guru), Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing @ Manchester Metropolitan University. Interested in digital literacy and digital culture  in the third sector (especially faith). Author of 'Raising Children in a Digital Age', regularly checks hashtag #DigitalParenting.

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