Workshop I’m just about to run, with the following outline:

Why put your presentations online?

Placing your precious academic work online has always been seen as a danger to Intellectual Property, but with the option to apply ‘Creative Commons’ to your work, you can upload presentations in the public space, encourage interest in your academic work, and engage with the wider intellectual dialogue surrounding it. Putting such work online makes your ‘findability’ by Google much easier, and your academic reputation grows as a result.

Prezi: is a flash-based presentation tool, hosted online, which allows multiple authors to contribute (no large email files). Considered by many as the next step on from PowerPoint (but is in fact just another tool), Prezi ‘allows the speaker to encourage a dialogue, and visualise ideas as if you were drawing a mind map for your audience’.

Slideshare: is an online document hosting service where documents (in this case PowerPoint) can be uploaded, viewed, inspire others, and commented upon. Conversation is encouraged between interest groups, and slideshares can be embedded into blogs.

What will I learn in this session?

This session offers a brief overview to the two types of software, allowing you to make an informed choice as to which fits your needs most appropriately. The practical training will focus upon Prezi.

By the end of the session participants will have had:

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