have just participated in this very useful webinar on the use of mobile technology in the classroom with @adamrsc, and am even more keen to interview American Studies at the University of Winchester as they have been experimenting with encouraging the use of mobile devices in the classroom, and the feedback is generally positive. Below are my live notes from the session:

Mobile phones have no place in a learning space because all students do is misuse them to update their social media spaces?

Mobile phones disrupt classroom behaviour?

Mobile phones have not been shown to have any benefit for learning?

Equal access: are you advantaging the many or disadvantaging the  few?

Who pays for the PAYG devices?

Can this improvement be attributed to mobile devices?

Staff Development: Takes too long to learn how to use the technology effectively?

Manage safeguarding, where a student is showing the latest violent movie, etc.?

It costs a lot of money to invest in new trends – what makes mobile devices different?

Financial advantages, but what about security implications, if tied into an institutional network?

How can we train staff to use these devices when they’re still not using VLES/PowerPoint well?

Students often do not want their tutors using their social media/texts? How get past that barrier?

A good space to get educational apps?

Who drives the choice of devices?

Is there a danger that courses will be distorted to provide content that suits the mobile phone?

How teachers be supported to learn about different types of mobile devices?

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