My live notes from the webinar this afternoon:

Dave White

Visitor = sees the web as a set of tools

Residents = sees the web as a space

It’s about motivation to engage, rather than a skills set, e.g. when people want to talk to their grandchildren, they use Skype very quickly.

Can you be a lurker as a visitor AND a resident?

More likely to be successful in formal education if you take a visitor approach.

Lynn Connaway


Questions asked: 


Lurking often gets defined as within one platform, but someone may be quiet on e.g. a forum, but take that data and be ‘loud’ with it on Twitter, etc.

Difference between confidence in the technology, and the confidence to engage with the topic being discussed (Î think this is what we often see with students)

Email: (see also:


Dave White

See: student very ‘resident’ in their social life, but in their formal study, they are more of a ‘visitor’ …

It’s possible to be a rounded, sociable human being without being in Twitter all the time!

Raising question as to whether this is a continuum, or whether there’s a range of factors which affect practice and behavior.

Not necessarily trying to turn everybody into a Resident, although that could be valuable.

amber thomas 2:30 PM
A thought rather than a question. dave says this is not about turning everyone into a resident. i think thats really important … in ed tech world we tend to see a continiuum and assume we need to change where people are on it.
Andy Powell 2 2:29 PM
@doug i don’t understand ‘resident’ vs. ‘visitor’ as being a ‘fun’ vs. ‘drudgery’ thing
Doug Belshaw 2:31 PM
@Andy If you can ‘play’ with something then you understand it. Surely?

How much of our behavior online is factored in by ‘stable personality traits’ and how much by the environment that we’re in.

To read:

Do you become more of a ‘legitimate’ ‘resident’ by becoming a participant – are you consuming or creating knowledge?

This is not supposed to be a theory for everything, this is specifically about ‘technology for learning’.

Lynn Conway

Sources students use

Wikipedia is popular… went off into a debate about ‘fear of Wikipedia’, and how much of this group see it as an acceptable first port of call, and to demonstrate to students the ‘contestation of knowledge’.

12-18 year olds: screenagers – said ‘emails are for old people’

Dave White 

We talk a lot about OERs, but what about ‘Open Educational Answers’.

Is education about the answers, or the process that it takes us to reach the answers?

Academic institutions have to accept that people ARE using Wikipedia all the time.  (Slide from Martin…)

If we keep setting homework which is ‘a short essay supported by verifiable sources’ – then Wikipedia provides the answers – we need to think about the assignments, etc we set.

iilan soon @xlearn 2:49 PM
I think in primary schools, they encourage process, then they kill this enquiry off in secondary school

If education is about getting the answers, and all answers are a couple of clicks away – what does that mean for education? Does education/homework need to contextualize/personalize the information more…

Education is about questions. The web is about answers. Does education then require ‘co-creation’? Need to look at tools such as… help students ask the questions.

The Learning Black Market :

sui fai john mak 2:55 PM
Education is about enculturating learners into the knowledge-creating civilization and to help them find a place in it. This is where institutions need to work on. Comments?


Amber: How do we move forward from guidance on ‘it depends’ on your learners, etc? What are the chances of providing a digital environment that all are comfortable with … we need to be comfortable with the idea that some will be resident, and some won’t. “One size fits no one”.

Some areas are ‘energy efficient’ – we’ve put lots of effort into ‘resident institutional approaches’ where interesting learning can take place, but not always helpful – e.g. students set up own Facebook group – they can get on with that.

Andy Powell 2 3:00 PM
we want people to become residents but we don’t have to build all their houses

What is the student motivation to encourage should be focused upon, rather than worrying about the tools that they are using.

Doug Belshaw 3:01 PM
Do we need some social housing for new Residents?

Or affordable housing?

Brenda Kaulback 3:02 PM
Can residents have many homes?

I thought this was a nice way to end: “perhaps residents should always have the kettle on and a nice plate of biscuits mmmm biscuits”

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