Outcomes from JISC Anytime Learning Literacies Environment (ALLE) project
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What follows are my rough notes from the session:

‘A cast of thousands’

Explaining concepts – having them in one place… all digital literacies across the institution tied in with Learning Objects. Thought others would like this, so used materials from the OER community.

Brought in from RLO, CETL. Learnt a lot from JISC LLiDA

Taught students how to use them via the VLE – not f2f tutor time. 

Customize Learning Objects particular to our institution.

Used Peter Knight, Diana Laurillard, Wenger, e-moderating – in stages…

Example of weekly activity – pedagogic – designed by Diana Laurillard… (across the subject…)

How offer the information in a meaningful way – support their pace of learning. Put a tutor in their pocket rather than 24/7 on an email… Interactive Learning Objects… designed to be used across the sector.

Where didn’t reach agreement of a shared understanding, didn’t seek to create one – focused on the areas where is agreement.

Student digital skills had increased – but difficult to isolate impact from what they would already have learnt without ‘Learner Journey’

Based around sound educational principles.  Digital literacy skills – they need to recognize that they can learn from each other…. Made a huge difference…

This module is the start to the journey – then they’re expected to go and build upon that.

Happy to make skills/PDP module more widely available – took about 10 years to reach this point. The students progress well with it.

Re: staff – they get thrown into the module with the students and get up to speed by being immersed in it with the students. Always have experienced tutors in there with the students. Make them failsafe for students, often works well for staff! Allows interesting forum/discussion area.

Different levels of engagement from staff, with varying degrees of success … once they’ve had a go may be interested in using for their own modules as so easy to use.

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