Just trying to get my head clear….

These are workshop deadlines, etc… and other particularly LARGE deadlines – lots of smaller deadlines, tasks, emails, social media, experimenting, and and and within all my jobs…

*Also likely to remember other things…


  • 22nd: BigBible Interview for David Bunce
  • 24th: Circulate pilot material for web conferencing
  • 24th: 45 minute session on technology for assessment
  • 25th: Audio Feedback Training (attending)
  • 26th: Article for Transpositions on KCCO/Christianese
  • 30th: Baseline document for ODHE/JISC
  • 31st: Woman to Woman ‘Friendship in a Digital Age’
  • *Complete web structure/document, etc. for Big Bible
  • *Complete book proposal for KCCO


  • 3rd: Social Media for Job Hunting
  • 4th: Review Richard Littledale ‘Who Needs Words’
  • 9th: ODHE Session (Lake Windermere)
  • 17th – 20th: HOLIDAY: Berlin
  • 21st: Tom Wright Webinar (Lent starts following day)
  • 23rd: Video Presentation Training (attending)
  • 24th: JISC ODHE Event/ Teaching/Twitter Workshop (which one?!)
  • 25th: Essex Media Event
  • 27th: COFE Workshops: Social Media for the Scared/Blogging


  • 1st: Review of ‘Sticky Jesus’ for Tim Hutchings
  • 3rd: Digihants
  • 5th: YouTube Workshop
  • 5th: TEL Working Group
  • 7th: Methodist Church schools event?
  • 9th: MY BIRTHDAY
  • 11th: Review of ‘Whole Life Whole Bible’ for BigBible
  • 12th: Feedback on web conferencing pilot
  • 13th: COFE: Leicester
  • 14th: PGCLTHE: Week 1
  • 14th: Scanners Night: Talk about social media?
  • 15th: Social Media Training for Federation of Image Consultants
  • 19th: Workshop: Survey Monkey
  • 22nd: Workshop – E-tools for sharing, with Yaz
  • 22nd: Decision on which web conferencing software
  • 23rd-26th: FEBA Event // Dresden
  • 28th: Workshop: Wimba?
  • 28th: PGCLTHE: Week 2


  • 18th-20th: PELECon: Paper with Nicole
  • 24th: JISC Experts Meeting (talk about Manipulating Media)
  • 26th: COFE Workshops (Social Media for the Scared /Twittersphere)
  • 30th: ODHE Interim Reports
  • 30th: Blogging Workshop
  • *Marking Manipulating Media Blogs


  • 4th: Workshop: Presentations
  • 9th: Learning Lunch: iPadology?
  • 9th: PGCLTHE: Week 3
  • 19th: DigiGlasgow
  • 23rd: PGCLTHE: Week 4
  • 28th: Workshop: Twitter
  • 29th-1st: Thinking Digital (Newcastle)


  • 7th: Workshop: Facebook
  • 18th-22nd: MediaLit


  • HOLIDAY: Scillies: 15th-21st
  • 24th-27th: Greenbelt


  • (Paralympics)
  • 18th: COFE: Twitter, Social Media Scared


  • 30th: ODHE Interim Project Reports
  • * Great South Run

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Dr Bex Lewis is passionate about helping people engage with the digital world in a positive way, where she has more than 20 years’ experience. She is Senior Lecturer in Digital Marketing at Manchester Metropolitan University and Visiting Research Fellow at St John’s College, Durham University, with a particular interest in digital culture, persuasion and attitudinal change, especially how this affects the third sector, including faith organisations, and, after her breast cancer diagnosis in 2017, has started to research social media and cancer. Trained as a mass communications historian, she has written the original history of the poster Keep Calm and Carry On: The Truth Behind the Poster (Imperial War Museum, 2017), drawing upon her PhD research. She is Director of social media consultancy Digital Fingerprint, and author of Raising Children in a Digital Age: Enjoying the Best, Avoiding the Worst  (Lion Hudson, 2014; second edition in process) as well as a number of book chapters, and regularly judges digital awards. She has a strong media presence, with her expertise featured in a wide range of publications and programmes, including national, international and specialist TV, radio and press, and can be found all over social media, typically as @drbexl.

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