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Especially for Academics

Some Top Tips: The Interviewer

Some Top Tips: The Interviewee

Some feedback for @drbexl for her first video

FILMING (Equipment) Advice

The content we’re looking at is intended for websites,  rather than TV. A digital handycam all that’s required. Ensure have an input for an external microphone. Audio file more important than video usually. Once plug in an external mike – it disconnects the camera microphone. Ensure external has battery or will get no sound at all. Headphones ensure that you are recording sound. Look for tripods, maybe Gorillaz (be aware of issue with eyeline).

Most cameras have an easy/auto mode. Most now have face recognition so focuses appropriately – although it can be difficult to override.  Remember the rule of thirds…. Look at the crossover points/interest detail. This has become more important in widescreen TV. Ensure leave space for a speech bubble on screen – even if you’re not planning on adding one – good idea of space to leave! Forward shoulder nearest screen edge… No it’s the direction of the eyes. Advanced tricks = advanced course! Viewer is an eavesdropper unless want to talk directly to students. Close style.

Think about WHY worth doing in video (more time expense than text so why)

Walking & Talking

Dealing with Props


Some other thoughts

Some feedback for @drbexl for her second scripted/walk & talk  video

Some more thoughts on camera

A great course, read more about the course, which will also come to your University, and for £1200 work with 3-5 people.


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