Now this is a great quote, taken from a section on Times Higher Education re ‘the importance of the humanities/sciences’:

Are the arts and the sciences as distinct as many assume? Stephen Mumford, professor of metaphysics and dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Nottingham, poses the question in a post on his Arts Matters blog.

“If they are, what is the distinction? Do we have a clear definition of each that allows us to see their separation?” he writes. “Most universities will have distinct faculties for arts and sciences, for instance. But the division clearly has some artificiality. Suppose one assumed, for example, that the arts were about creativity while the sciences were about a rigorous application of technique and methods. This would be an oversimplification because all disciplines need both.

“The best science requires creative thinking. Someone has to see a problem, form a hypothesis about a solution, and then figure out how to test that hypothesis and implement its findings.”

Read full story. A related post of interest may be the story of Nicola Clayton who combines dance/science.

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