In Manipulating Media (a first year media studies module at the University of Winchester), we have set the students a challenge to produce a campaign with regards to changing student behaviour (ensuring that campaigns have gone through Student Union/campus processes). Tomorrow they will present a 3 minute YouTube video highlighting what they covered, why it’s relevant, what they did, and any measurables as to its success (within only 3 weeks). I offered my students the opportunity to give me a mini report to post on my blog, as I’m particularly interested in learning/teaching processes and student engagement:

Our campaign strives to encourage students to budget and spend their money wisely whilst at  the University of Winchester We will be providing tips and experiences from other students, to ensure that others don’t feel the need to spend recklessly to have a good time.

This campaign is run by students at The University of Winchester, who therefore have an understanding of the troubles on budgeting student loans whilst at university. To do this successfully and change students behaviour, we shall be relying heavily on social media to promote our message. Through the use of Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook we hope to engage our target audience and by making our campaign interactive we hope to draw the attention of students. We shall also be using print media such as posters and leaflets to raise awareness and direct our target audience to our useful tips on our multitude of social networking sites.

We have also  created content for a CD ‘leaflet’ to grab the attention of students around Winchester, this CD contains a budget plan, our promotional material and a short video of students giving money saving tips.

The above was written by Alice Plaskett

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