If you think I’ve been a little quiet… I’ve wanted for a while to clear out the clutter & think what do I not need to hold onto any more. Last Monday, off sick after a stomach bug, I deleted 6000+ emails (I haven’t dealt with the rest of my electronic space yet), and shredded a bin liner full of paperwork…

Good Friday I had a big clear out of the flat in Winchester, with several trips down to the bin, and a car load to charity shops.  Visiting my parents (my Dad’s not well), I then decided I wanted to go for all the stuff in the garage. I’d had half a go before Christmas (and a big go before my world travels… in fact I started at the age of 25, when we moved from a 6 bed house to a 3!), but hadn’t really had time/energy to do a lot. This morning, having got as far as I could (there’s a bit more to do, but the big big lot is done), I found in Woman Alive:

This (& 2 boxes in the other part of the garage) are all I have there now – mostly cow stuff, kitchen stuff & photo albums (which will all find a home whenever I get my own place… one day):

Tidy pile…

And look what a mess I left behind (it’s not all mine… me starting encouraged my Mum out too)… a car load for the charity shop & the rest for a big bonfire we think (the recycling bin is a little small):

Bonfire/charity pile!

I’ve put my back out a bit moving all this around, so my PhD papers are still sat in the car – hopefully it’s clear they’re nothing valuable! A lot of books weren’t worth selling, but I’ve got some on Amazon.

How far do you go with your spring cleaning?

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