The project involved The Open University, King’s College London, and University of Southampton

Rowntree in 1987 noted that assessment drives learning. How can we get to know our students, give better feedback & support student learning.

E-assessment gives us a better idea of what students don’t know & what we/they can do better. Had groups with more formative assessment, and control groups who got normal feedback, and saw a significant difference.

We know students want more, quicker, fuller, user-friendly feedback – but what does this mean/look like? Offers anxiety for both students/staff – providing USEFUL feedback? We know there is some form of subjectivity in the kind of feedback that we offer. We assume that our feedback is easily understood. We KNOW this doesn’t happen in practice, and that students don’t read/use our feedback, which makes us wonder why we should bother.

Bales extensive taxonomy has been used:

Sometimes when we’re giving feedback, we’re giving more than one aim, and we need to be more aware of this, and ensure that they feel good about their work.

We give what we think is “fabulous feedback” and wonder why students don’t take it on board. “Geeky/Nerdy people tend to be deficient in some of the social skills”?!

Recordings of JISC Webinars.

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