Interesting news on the use of social media in HE recruitment:

Social media generally reach a wider range of US-bound international students than recruiting agents, a report produced by US non-profit research agency World Education Services has found.

Among respondents to a survey of nearly 1,600 prospective students from 115 countries, 56 per cent follow social media accounts managed by US institutions before making application choices and 32 per cent use social media to source information. Just 16 per cent use agents.

The survey also found that social media are useful for targeting all kinds of student, whereas affluent but less academic ones are most likely to use third-party agents.

US social media do not penetrate all nations equally, however. Although 88 per cent of Indian social media users log on to US-based platforms such as Facebook and Twitter daily or weekly, only 22 per cent of Chinese users do the same, opting instead for local alternatives.

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