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A few thoughts from the first full day of the Association for Learning Technology annual conference, mostly my own Tweets/RTs

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ALT-C 2012 – a confrontation with reality | Association for Learning TechnologyThe time, effort and money that learners invest in their education need to be matched by commensurate learning experiences, improved use …
Buying Twitter Followers and Facebook Likes, a Social Media #Fail [INFOGRAPHIC] http://fb.me/1RfFR6RsKDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 MOOC buzzword being used rather uncritically as next big thing in education = large lecture model of social media :-(thomcochrane
@sverjans I think academics are concerned to preserve hierarchies of knowledge & hierarchies of privilege #altc2012Fred Garnett
Final short paper of the first afternoon of #altc2012 – what do students make of OER. Some concern that it could devalue their course…Sarah Sherman
@fredgarnett I’m not sure most of our colleagues would consider their academic role as ‘co-creators’ of knowledge with students. #altc2012Steven Verjans
#altc2012 if technology is the new mainstream doesn’t that mean that everything in academia needs to start with digital practice?Fred Garnett
esubmission of assignments becoming mainstream in UK HE. Marking and feedback catching up says Alice Bird LJMU #altc2012George Roberts
will try hangout webcast again for my talk tomorrow https://plus.google.com/events/c0g1idk8khl1pi1fetlt5h7d5ec #altc2012Yishay Mor
analogy of computer hardware as a closet and software as stuff put in closet. #altc2012. May be ALT CLIVE is hiding in thereElaine Swift
#altc2012 dynamic learning maps at Uni of Newcastle – https://learning-maps.ncl.ac.uk/Digital Fingerprint
e learning benchmarking #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/BDq2LFVTDigital Fingerprint
@WarwickLanguage think that’s taken as part of the process ;-)Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 staff need to understand who they can go to for support, and how much time they should be committing to tech devDigital Fingerprint
Come down to the The Old Wellington in Manchester tonight and we’ll buy you beer if you’re an #altc2012 delegate. Upstairs area 7pm onwards.Microsoft Education
#altc2012 VLEs = should develop templates to suit specific programmes – rather than one sized fits all…Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 are online resources being used to enhance (resource provision), extend or empower students?Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 wow – went to look at all online material provided by staff for teaching… To work out where to position what required..Digital Fingerprint
@jamesclay @Prof_Witt certainly lots of extra space for equipment in there..,Digital Fingerprint
next presentation at #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/HTlqBtO5Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 courses shouldn’t be on e.g. PowerPoint, but on presentation skills/good practiceDigital Fingerprint
reference list #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/j94QKNwKDigital Fingerprint
what do students think of learning tech? wonder what age they are… #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/DLK1g0TiDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 questions whether we need more of an ‘apprentice’ model that embeds digital practice… rather than workshopsDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 Nottingham Trent – loads of students using web/library searches – but keen to use more tech & would attend workshops in them…Digital Fingerprint
RT @microsofteduk: The exhibition is in full swing! #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/oKApG0zw // am chatting to @haydnblackey ;-)Digital Fingerprint
RT @josiefraser: BYOT & one-to-one initiatives are literacy initiatives http://goo.gl/16HUuDigital Fingerprint
quick overview of digital literacy literature #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/ZmrCIiL3Digital Fingerprint
For ideas on how to use IPAD in learning and teaching http://vimeo.com/user8895511/videos. #ntupgcheHelen Boulton
Women academics publish less than men. Or do they…? http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/2012/08/07/women-publish-less-than-men/ at @LSEImpactBlog via @CILIPinfoJaviera Atenas
About to listen to @drhelenboulton #altc2012Digital Fingerprint
8 Ways Google Glasses Will Change Education http://bit.ly/QCDlYm #edtech #elearningShelly S Terrell
RT @TweetSmarter: What to do if your Pinterest account was hacked in the widespread attack earlier: http://bit.ly/QBQ915Digital Fingerprint
PHOTOS: The 9/11 images that will always stick with us | http://ti.me/oYHsvt (via @timepictures)TIME.com
A guide to pronouncing @EE for @GordonMacMillan @louisebinns @BrandRepublic – We won’t make a scene if you get it wrong http://pic.twitter.com/GJgJ00CHEE
September’s Teaching Carnival from @ProfHacker feat. @ChattyProf http://ow.ly/dCRTz #highered Resources for instructors, studentsMelissa A. Venable
MMU Transforming Assessment and Feedback for Institutional Change (TRAFFIC) project http://bit.ly/QaWEpQ #altc2012Matt Lingard
Looks like this project http://www1.imperial.ac.uk/medicine/teaching/elearning/blendt/ should work with CoGent UoW #altc1012Digital Fingerprint
@hopkinsdavid once … Don’t think the wifi was up to it …Digital Fingerprint
Discipline specific digital literacies project – eg. what’s ethical depends on your subject area http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearning/developingdigitalliteracies/pride.aspx #altc2012Kris Roger
#altc2012 current presenter using – http://www.nearpod.com/ – looks interesting (tho it has hung,)Digital Fingerprint
Lee a Vainio: Adult students as peer learners #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/hZbJUpSzSue Beckingham
RT @glittrgirl: It’s found!!!!! Thank you! Me and my phone are reunited…. #altc1012 // nice one – is that a result for Twitter.Digital Fingerprint
"Openness is like a dimmer switch, varying degrees of openness" @reedyreedles at #altc2012David Kernohan
RT @FieryRed1: #altc2012 loving the penguins http://pic.twitter.com/so89CiLdDigital Fingerprint
@BLE1 you might be interested in the Curated Conversation on #Digital #Inclusion that we ran @tlrptel http://www.slideshare.net/fredgarnett/digital-inclusion-curated-conversation-2012 #altc2012 #edtechFred Garnett
#altc2012 if you really want to change people’s attitudes – online self-guided learning = not effective. Need collaboration/conversationDigital Fingerprint
UCISA TEL survey out #altc2012 http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/~/media/groups/ssg/surveys/TEL_survey_2012_final_ex_apps good to see ‘Enhancing quality of learning and teaching’ top priorityNeil Witt
Only 13% say that strategy has a big impact on TEL development #altc2012Sarah Horrigan
Big debate on #taxjustice taking place this Thursday. Come along! http://media.withtank.com/fd46d22e19/tax_bus_poster_christ_church_spitalfields_final-2.pdfAndy Walton
At #altc2012? Feeling the need for free beer? Join @microsofteduk and @collabco at @oldwellington, Catherdral Gates tonight!Max Holden
This is good: #altc2012 is being tweeted on Tweeting Earth http://tweetingearth.com/?q=altc2012 #tweetingearthDavid Hopkins
RT @Bulgenen: Not at this conference #altc2012 http://flic.kr/p/d9QAz9Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 unity3d = open source 3d building software…Digital Fingerprint
a place for 3d animation – dealing calmly with ‘various fluids’ etc #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/70jB05HlDigital Fingerprint
RT @lcreanor: ‘confusion is part of the learning process’ Mazur #
altc2012 / no wonder I’m always confused!!Cristina Costa
"Colleagues, we have utterly failed if we do not get beyond ideas like branding" #altc2012David Kernohan
@andypelliccia indeed!!Digital Fingerprint
I presume it’s not anyone from ALT who’s put these signs up? 😉 #alt2012 http://yfrog.com/ocumcaeojJez Cope
#altc2012 love that @lindsayjordan – set a question/theme – get responses via video, graphics, cartoons, as well as textDigital Fingerprint
excellent @lindsayjordan #altc2012 – getting people to do things they don’t want to… http://pic.twitter.com/u08FKlMwDigital Fingerprint
process from qualitative to quantitative #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/ET6we45kDigital Fingerprint
augmented reality to ensure proper use of exercises #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/562S1K9nDigital Fingerprint
@fstoner @mattlingard @lindsayjordan another #altc2012 http://lockerz.com/s/243390544Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 thanks for that advice re Apache Open Meeting – might be what I need – http://incubator.apache.org/openmeetings/ (@lsttheology)Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 use smaller groups & provide clips from previous years so not scare new groups as expectations = thereDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 to make ‘virtual’ courses work – diary planning & maintaining concentration for the time-space…Digital Fingerprint
if people are adept at using a technology for leisure & pleasure it does not mean they will willingly use it for education. #altc2012George Roberts
challenge = create sense of community online #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/X29IgEUgDigital Fingerprint
this really helped me during my pecha kucha http://www.online-stopwatch.com/loop-countdown/ #altc2012Matt Smith
MOOC too big for you? Try a LOOC – http://edtechtimes.com/2012/09/06/looc-moocs-little-brother/ #altc2012LearnTech @ UoN
RT @sarahhorrigan: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/elearning/embeddingbenefits2012/panorama.aspx – Panorama project #altc2012Digital Fingerprint
@twitthaus just defined LOOC… Little open online course. Teacher allows 5 additional free students,can choose to pay & take exam #altc2012Terese Bird
conceptual framework for deciding where to focus use of VLE etc #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/PVQWdugADigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 students expect 24 access to fully functioning elearning content/environment/resources 24/7Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 I will knit a hat for the person who hands my iPhone4 back to me…. I’m quite easy to spot….Suzanne
Confirmed: Opening keynote speaker of the conference is Dr. Sue Black – http://www.sueblack.co.uk/index.html. We can’t wait to hear what she has to say!@jiscel12
Engage students through blogging : JISC | @scoopit http://sco.lt/5IEbSb #edchat #jiscdiglitAnthony Beal
RT @alejandroa: Sector overwhelmed by amount of OER released but underwhelmed by the reuse of such resources. #altc2012Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 2 way tech in class = disruptive as material not always delivered immediately – better use outside. 1 way tech = goodDigital Fingerprint
At blogging and online tutor session #altc2012 – one wrong post and your career could be over! Are students aware of blogging dangers?John Kerr
I was in room 4.206 before lunch…. Anyone find an iPhone4? #altc2012Suzanne
encourage more engagement? #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/IMCdzVVODigital Fingerprint
RT @PatParslow: Some thoughts from #altc2012 so far http://via.me/-4z3fv9c // truly blended thinking/sharingDigital Fingerprint
@suegonline I’ve used Storify to gather a few of this morning’s #altc2012 tweets http://storify.com/C01 also links to complete archive.Clem
curious? we are… ready for Pecha Kucha session #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/ZasysA8iDigital Fingerprint
RT @anthonymcneill: Innovative use of iPad #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/cfsWebeQDigital Fingerprint
@digitalfprint Guide for students re: Facebook security: https://sites.google.com/site/technologyenhancedlearning/home/resources-for-students/managing-your-online-persona #altc2012 :)Paul Andrews
Page 9 – another article on learning spaces by Tansy Jessop & Angie Smith #altc2012 http://www.winchester.ac.uk/studyhere/ExcellenceinLearningandTeaching/research/e-journals/Documents/CaptureVol1.pdfDigital Fingerprint
Another paper on learning spaces from Tansy Jessop & Angie Smith (architect) http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/routledg/cshe/2012/00000037/00000002/art00005Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 http://www.slideshare.net/JISCLegal/jisc-legal-esafety-presentationDigital Fingerprint
interaction using mobile devices in lectures well received by students when able to use own device #altc2012Teresa MacKinnon
#altc2012 video from JISC legal – http://vimeo.com/48295070Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 few mutters about Diaspora – wasn’t sure if ever had taken off – https://joindiaspora.com/Digital Fingerprint
There are more commonalities between academic culture and web culture than staff may realise – but students get it. @helenbeetham at #altcDavid Kernohan
@clairedonlan it’s not free for teachers but is for students :https://understoodit.com/ #altc2012 might help sort confused students? :)Paul Andrews
#altc2012 Useful analysis of use of Skype to replace placement visits – Terri explains variation of student confidence with thissusan greener
#altc2012 responsible parenting – kids not on FB til 13, must be friends with parents/able to log in…Digital Fingerprint
awareness & management #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/MdKkeJt0Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 process of social education – make students more aware of what happens with their digital data NOT close it all down…Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 interesting – re cyber bullying – exposed FB msgs in class for discussions – discussing what OK/not OK…Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 great esafety video http://vimeo.com/48533713Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 also looks helpful – http://www.em-esafetyproject.co.uk/Digital Fingerprint
If you want to know what these bags of Lego® are for come to our mix n’ max session at #altc2012 tomorrow @ 10.50! http://pic.twitter.com/CNa5GPCvRobin Gissing
“@suebecks: Fab list, thx! #altc2012 Some nice Free iPad apps for educational use: https://sites.google.com/site/technologyenhancedlearning/home/the-resources/ipad-resources :)” Ur most welcome 🙂 glad u likePaul Andrews
#altc2012 involve learners in production of support & guidance materials they feel comfortable using #niceDigital Fingerprint
Aaron Sloman: computational thinking in schools is about giving ppl tools to understand the world, not about jobs. Yeah!! #altc2012Yishay Mor
#altc2012 – Landmarks – learning difficulties provision – many thought social networking too dangerous http://landmarks.ac.uk/Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 more to look up http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/esafetyDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 Show of hands: lots of people doing similar research on iPads. Don’t duplicate effort, use prev research to ask new questions.Tim Vincent
NMC Horizon Report UK Tertiary Education 2011-2016 covers most areas mentioned by James Clay at #altc2012 http://www.nmc.org/publications/technology-outlook-uk-tertiary-educationNeil Witt
#altc2012 another link https://eresponsibility.pbworks.com/w/page/50164092/Getting%20Started%20-%20top%20tips%20for%20ESafetyDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 appropriate resources are available at appropriate times … Technology…Digital Fingerprint
People use a small number of technologies for a wide range of tasks. Findings from Michael Flavin, KCL, #altc2012Linda Creanor
RT @eric_mazur: Slides for my #a
ltc2012 keynote http://ow.ly/dCwGLDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 useful – myBrand – plymouth uni – http://e-portfolio.plymouth.ac.uk/viewasset.aspx?oid=32723&type=webfolioDigital Fingerprint
what are digital values? #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/disHLuv2Digital Fingerprint
E.g. Successful iPad pilot: Ipads aiding illustration students with reflection – http://technologyenhancedlearning.net/ipadsforillustration/. #altc2012Rob S
#altc2012 risk assessment – digital values – https://eresponsibility.pbworks.com/w/page/34513012/Management%20-%20strategic%20considerationsDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 many places wanted off the peg esafety policy – doesn’t work – needs to work with your other strategiesDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 beyond pilots= analysis @jamesclay http://www.mendeley.com/c/4624036303/p/4425381/cochrane-2011-ipadagogy-appropriating-the-ipad-within-pedagogical-contexts iPadagogy: Appropriating the iPad within Pedagogical Contextsthomcochrane
#altc2012 digital literacy underpins digital values – and therefore e-responsibility – especially in age of so many digital devicesDigital Fingerprint
Students are more asleep in lectures than they are in bed according to study of brain activity, Eric Mazur at #altc2012Lisa Gray
#altc2012 also interesting http://www.jiscrsc.ac.uk/eastern/how-we-support-you/e-safety.aspxDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 lots of esafety links to come back to http://www.jisclegal.ac.uk/Themes/eSafety.aspxDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 JISC RSC – promote digital values ;-)Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 e-responsibility http://www.google.co.uk/search?q=jisc+eresponsibili&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en&client=safari (not esafety = wrong term)Digital Fingerprint
Our experience is iPad deployment starts the dig lit conversation with staff. Not about the tech, it’s about opportunities. #altc2012Neil Witt
#altc2012 free leadership training inc esafety stuff http://www.leadershiplearning.org.uk/Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 more useful links http://www.saferinternet.org.uk/Digital Fingerprint
@digitalfprint cheers for the RT 🙂 guide to online safety here: https://sites.google.com/site/technologyenhancedlearning/home/the-resources/online-safety #altc2012Paul Andrews
@Jamesclay tells audience "don’t do another iPad project, think about technology that’s going to be available in 5 years" #altc2012HollyWelham
#altc2012 useful advice on safeguarding excellence gateway – http://www.excellencegateway.org.uk/safeguardingDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 since yesterday no longer concept of ‘vulnerable learners’? http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2012/9/part/5/enactedDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 need resilient leaners, who can cope with risk – not lock down systems in name of ‘safety’ – so fast moving = up to date…Digital Fingerprint
The journey to information has shortened. From newspaper archives and microfiche, we now have access to so much info @jamesclay #altc2012Sue Beckingham
#altc2012 esafety is responsibility of all (staff/student) – LSIS worked with FE after Soham murders http://www.lsis.org.uk/Pages/default.aspxDigital Fingerprint
The Digital Fingerprint Daily is out! http://bit.ly/8Xcm9r ? Top stories today via @smwldn @mhawksey @BulgenenDigital Fingerprint
what are vulnerable learners? #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/MC2mEiSLDigital Fingerprint
what is esafety? #alto2012 http://pic.twitter.com/N2USfPrJDigital Fingerprint
Thanks for all your comments on the EE story. Added them to our Storify. http://bit.ly/QaCIU0 << Little positive reaction so far…BrandRepublic
@DrewWhitworth1 @deborahjudah @estsass #altc2012 Guide to using twitter in education here: https://sites.google.com/site/technologyenhancedlearning/home/the-resources/work-smarter/twitter :)Paul Andrews
I like this reply to my blog post about the AHPRA social media policy. "Don’t do anything online that you wouldn’t do in person." #hcsmanzSarahStewart
@sheilmcn @jamesclay am looking forward to listening online afterwards ;-)Digital Fingerprint
RT @OER13: You’ve just under a month to get an OER13 proposal in http://www.ucel.ac.uk/oer13/papers.html #ukoer // #altc2012Digital Fingerprint
You’ve just under a month to get an OER13 proposal in http://www.ucel.ac.uk/oer13/papers.html #ukoerOER 13
About to attend a session on esafety & vulnerable adults #altc2012 … May help in book commission I have on ;-)Digital Fingerprint
Students that aren’t confused haven’t begun to engage their brain in understanding the lecture. #altc2012julievoce
"did u go to the Mazur keynote? yes. How was it? great fun. What did he say? aaa, let me check the twitter stream" #altc2012Yishay Mor
confusion does not correlate to understanding – confusion leads to questioning, a good thing #altc2012Alannah Fitzgerald
@vnarayan @DrewWhitworth1 might be of interest http://aces.shu.ac.uk/support/staff/HEA_Harrogate/Tansy_Jessop_learningteaching.doc #altc2012Digital Fingerprint
“@cnaamani: Does Twitter promote greater interaction in lectures? #altc2012” it can, but will we let it – lecture twitterfallhaydnblackey
I think Struggling students don’t have confidence to say to the teacher, I’m confused. I think those w that confidence who get better gradesTerese Bird
@jamesclay @Prof_Witt the hot choc in EATS is pretty OK… #notacoffeedrinkerDigital Fingerprint
Learning is often painful as we adjust mental models – lecturing is less painful for teachers – is that why we still use it:-) #altc2012susan greener
RT @PatParslow: #altc2012 "students crave lectures – why?". Because ritual and event are important-lectures let us perform being ‘students’.Sian Bayne
@DrewWhitworth1 @vnarayan this lecture theatre doesn’t feel ultra modern… Is quite a bit research on learning spaces? #altc2012Digital Fingerprint
RT @yishaym: @dkernohan yeah, forget the lecture, enjoy the backchannel. #altc2012 // pretty much am…Digital Fingerprint
confusion plays an important role in learning learning #altc2012 gets you thinking and discussingTeresa MacKinnon
@Prof_Witt you still enjoying your ‘luxury’ accommodation?!Digital Fingerprint
#altc2012 so the key to learning is not to pay attention during lectures? *lets mind wander*David Kernohan
My mind’s happily ‘wandering’ during this – as is every one of us who is tweeting about this. We’re thinking! We’re reflecting! #altc2012Drew Whitworth
Build engaging ‘speed bumps’ into online learning content #altc2012James Cross
Just by putting a lecture online doesn’t make it a better lecture #altc2012clairedonlan
#altc2012 interesting how TED are now encouraging use of their presentations http://ed.ted.com/Vicki McGarvey
#altc2012 it occurs to me that staff.engagement is just important as student engagement.PatParslow
new business card – looking forward to meeting new/old friends at #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/67fB3a7dDigital Fingerprint
What role does assessment play? Summative assessment is the silent killer of educational attainment. #altc2012Sarah Horrigan
#altc2012 Eric mazur – seeing is not believing, it depends what is already in your headsusan greener
@sverjans @eric_mazur I think good teaching is about creating cognitive dissonance & good learning is overcoming it in any way #altc2012Fred Garnett
For me lectures (as in keynotes etc) can be a starting point for a learning journey, but not for the whole journey. #altc2012James Clay
RT @vnarayan: Sleeping engages the brain more than attending a lecture #altc2012 http://pic.twitter.com/L8QcEdHkSue Beckingham
yep, replace a boring lecture by a boring something else and surprise,
surprise, learning is still flat #altc2012Manuel
RT @julievoce: @eric_mazur – the real hallmark of learning is taking what you’ve learnt in one context and applying it in another #altc2012Rich Goodman
Important message by @eric_mazur: ‘we don’t give students enough time to overcome cognitive dissonance’ #altc2012 http://www.dilbert.com/strips/comic/1999-09-08/Steven Verjans
@Bulgenen Thank goodness none of the speakers are called "Bieber Murray" or similar combinations… #altc2012Martin Hughes
University chiefs fear for future after admissions chaos (Guardian) http://bit.ly/TEXJsn <- Retention & completion will need a close eye on.Martin Hughes
#altc2012 keynote with @eric_mazur "the brain stores models, not facts". Psychologists have known this for some time, but not teachers…Guy Pursey
@profserious Interesting article by @curtrice on Leadership in Universities. Research has to be put on back burner. http://curt-rice.com/2012/01/06/why-researchers-could-be-great-leaders-but-arent/Dave Twisleton-Ward
The ‘lecture is dead’ is the new ‘VLE is dead’… #itaintwhatyoudoitsthewaythatyoudoit #altc2012Sarah Horrigan
@jamesclay heh heh – like a boy with a new toy… #effectsDigital Fingerprint
#altc2012 trending No 2 in UK … No wonder so much spam… Well done blockers… http://lockerz.com/s/243349298Digital Fingerprint
Cough. Lectures are not bad. Only bad lectures are bad. #altc2012AJCann
#altc2012 Nancy Rothwell (Manchester VC) talking about how students may lead academics with ed techTracey Madden
#altc2012 are we being ‘taught’ by lecture about theory that lectures don’t work due to lack of interactivity? Where is the interactivity?S Huskinson
There’s a big difference between entertainment and engagement. #altc2012James Cross
Pedagogy can eliminate the gender gap. #altc2012Sarah Horrigan
Peer instructon by @eric_mazur PDF http://web.mit.edu/jbelcher/www/TEALref/Crouch_Mazur.pdf #altc2012Fred Garnett
"You can’t fall asleep in my lectures" says Eric Mazur – every few minutes your neighbour will talk to you http://mazur.harvard.edu/emdetails.php #altc2012Digital Fingerprint
@jadekelsall meDigital Fingerprint
Gah #altc2012 programme just not working for me – not sure what I want to go to tomorrow at the moment!Digital Fingerprint
RT @vahva: This @skilio thing looks quite cool: http://www.skilio.com/ – seen it @drbexl, @watfordgap? You might like!Digital Fingerprint

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