#CMN12: Day 2

Another day of notes from the Church & Media Network Conference 2012

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Church and Media Network : The Church and Media ConferenceCMN is a bridge between the church and the media. We help the media and the church understand each other. We offer help to media producti…
Thank you @andrewgraystone & his team for great #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
@emmsy found it http://bible.cc/genesis/37-19.htm #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
@emmsy @SUScotland me too with @bigbible … I most certainly do not have all the answers – give others a voice #dreamer?Digital Fingerprint
@emmsy @StoryChicago now that look’s interesting … Oh, and don’t forget mentioned #cnmac12 – particular theme ‘story’ this yearDigital Fingerprint
RT @emmsy: Interesting to hear so much talk of curation at #cmn12 this week. // learning from historians you think? [@ww2poster]Digital Fingerprint
If you missed what outgoing BBC chief operating officer Caroline Thomson said, you can read about it here: http://drakene.ws/SPGkb2 #CMN12Gavin Drake
Caroline Thomson’s new triptych to replace "inform, educated, entertain" for the BBC: "Creative, collaborative, connected" #cmn12Tim Levell
#cmn12 I LOVE looking for ways to ‘serendipity’ … Ears pricked up at that… Quoting Phillipians as basis of BBC values…Digital Fingerprint
@wareisjoe @russbravo I love the big screen effect… Especially for films…Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 creative, collaborative & connected is Caroline Thomson personal mantra…Digital Fingerprint
@russbravo @wareisjoe haven’t done a lot with ITV player. 4OD not bad… Neither as embedded in my TV so I naturally watch more BBC #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
@digitalfprint @wareisjoe ps – I love it … I bought wifi TV so I could watch most programmes on iplayer…Digital Fingerprint
RT @wareisjoe: Amazing stat: Last year #BBC’s iplayer streamed 2 billion programmes. #cmn12 // do you think smoothly? #bufferingDigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 enjoying these stats, but I work hugely with visuals – would love to see a few…Digital Fingerprint
Very lucky to have access to media we can trust. During Rwanda genocide, one radio station’s propaganda helped fuel the killing. #cmn12russ bravo
@wareisjoe wonder how many see the back of a badge? Unless it’s one of those swinging ones… #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
#BBC boss Caroline Thompson says on the back of every staff members badge reads: ‘Trust is the foundation of the BBC. We are honest’ #cmn12Joe Ware
@russbravo agree … We get to hear from a much wider range of voices … Tho can also be bigger peer pressure? #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 interview with @garretkeogh re Being Human from early last year … http://digital-fingerprint.co.uk/2011/05/interview-with-garretkeogh-earlier-tonight-re-bbcbeinghuman/ real-time TV/TwitterDigital Fingerprint
Technology has helped us resocialise the media. You can share TV with your friends. Twitter has reenergised QT. #carolinethompson #cmn12russ bravo
BBC may be huge but it needs to know what it stands for … And live out those values… #cmn12.Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 this talk has just summarised what I anecdotally thought was what had happened with TV viewing/with Twitter…Digital Fingerprint
RT @RevMartinPoole: #cmn12 I’ll save "I’m a Christian, get me out of church" for channel 4! // YouTube pitch?Digital Fingerprint
Generation Inspired – Friday edition of The One Show: 3 min segment taking stories of young people already doing inspiring stuff #cmn12russ bravo
RT @bigdaddywhale: looks like i may be free to go to #cnmac12 after all! #complexbusylife // sweetDigital Fingerprint
RT @C4LPT: 4 days left to vote for the Top 100 Tools for Learning 2012 http://c4lpt.co.uk/top-100-tools-for-learning-2011/voting-2012/Digital Fingerprint
@ChurchGuides @NatChurchTrust great 😉 … note hashtag #Cmn12Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 pitches need to focus more on ‘narrative’ – where is beginning/middle/end? Where are the possible ‘wow’ factor?Digital Fingerprint
Hove #SocialMediaSurgery 6-8pm Wed 26 Sept @hovekitchen http://socialmediasurgery.com/surgeries/hove helping local charity and community groups use the web #bhsmsClem
"i’m getting more bored as you talk." Encouragement (?) during pitching in front of an audience #cmn12Sara Guy
goldfish bowl = good practice for pressure pitching #Cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/ahO0EMxeDigital Fingerprint
#Cmn12 an idea of Hatch, Match & Despatch … As the first in the goldfish bowlDigital Fingerprint
#Cmn12 enthusiasm can help, but it’s not the starting point. Be informed about what’s already out there… Be concise pitches.Digital Fingerprint
Jumpers getting a bad name this conference season. Twitter notes anti jumper sentiment for #LibDems and Christians #cmn12Gillian Oliver
#cmn12 @bishopangaelos says children are important but they’re not taken seriously…they are the futureC Noble-McLean
#Cmn12 Worked with http://www.arabworldmedia.org/ for a week last year … Got a much better insight into some of these issues…Digital Fingerprint
Is it a problem that we always go to the same leaders for quotes? We create faith leaders, not the communities themselves?#cmc12Alex Strangwayes
Dear friends,This week’s Minne Elak topic is about judging other people; at 9.30PM till 11PM Beirut timing…. http://fb.me/1TtnJt6bVMinne Elak
Smartphones seen as the new Kalashnikovs – power of social sharing that can change nations #cmn12 #ritaelmounayerruss bravo
Rita Elmounayer, SAT-7 exec director – "biggest problem in Middle East today is hopelessness" #cmn12russ bravo
Rita Elmounayer #cmn12 Sat-7 http://pic.twitter.com/byvtuJ8FDigital Fingerprint
@charmainenm I thought I’d said glum LOLDigital Fingerprint
@charmainenm @bishopangaelos you look like yr avatar too 😉 v glam as alwaysDigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 ensure that you get your facts right … Rather than allowing a deadline to push for unsubstantiated anecdotesDigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 call people to question, make people accountable – but don’t call a religion to account for behaviour of few…Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 but it will take time for people to learn what is GOOD content, and what doesn’t need to be reacted to.Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 ‘the video’ – if it had been ignored, it wouldn’t have had the coverage // like 50 Shades!!Digital Fingerprint
Tweets in Egypt pre-Mubarak 2,600 per day. Now 260,000 per day – massive growth of digital engagement. Coptic Bishop Angaelos #cmn12Tim Levell
#cmn12 post ‘arab spring’ – growth of 20% of social media use. People less scared of ‘knock on door’. Hear so many voices = good.Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 in the Middle East – everything is very personal & very emotional … So media takes one view & represents it // as does western?Digital Fingerprint
@charmainenm @bishopangaelos he definitely looks like his avatar..Digital Fingerprint
Bishop Angaelos #cmn12 z Coptic Orthodox Church http://pic.twitter.com/ao6PSUHIDigital Fingerprint
great intro from @annamdrew #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/aVGGxhymDigital Fingerprint
Interesting that future-gazing for the church becomes a personality catwalk #cmn12pmphillips
#cmn12 @NotVicarBot hopefully not – time to reflect is important, but lots of faith/media people, rather than ChristiansDigital Fingerprint

@BigChurchDayOut no problemo ;-)Digital Fingerprint

@noahsapprentice yep … Can’t remember if it’s via regular twitter or the app I’m using – I should share instructions…Digital Fingerprint
Sugra Ahmed shares today how difficult Muslims find it when a few extremists colour everyone’s views on Islam. #cmn12Vicky Beeching
Twitter CEO reveals plans for interactive tweets and content curration: TweetTweets are set to get a whole lot m… http://bit.ly/SupdReQubesocial
There is an appetite for faith leaders to speak out on public life and issues, but they rarely do it – Prof Linda Woodhead #cmn12russ bravo
RT @gdeichen @timbald Nah. The media looks for a story. Extremists and fundamentalists are always going to get more airtime. #cmn12Tim Finch
@vickybeeching I wonder if any of it relates to personality… I think through things through talking them through.. twitter = my mouth…Digital Fingerprint
@maggidawn it’s totally old hat – even Prensky has debunked it … But people still use as an excuse ‘I’m too old’ …Digital Fingerprint
Couldn’t resist popping this card on here from @FourEwe – seemed topical for #cmn12 http://lockerz.com/s/247564273russ bravo
#cmn12 Archbishop of Canterbury perceived favourably by British Muslims says Sughra Ahmedgethinrussell-jones
. @RuthieGledhill says it’s terrible that ‘anti-gay’ view seen as defining a ‘proper Christian’. #amentothat #cmn12Joe Ware
sughra Ahmed #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/B5BiYr2xDigital Fingerprint
@maggidawn @russbravo in the shared keynote we did at #cnmac10 … Talked about finding blogging voice… Can also find twitter voice #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
Perhaps humanists in charge of how Christians get portrayed in the media? #cmn12 (discussion on how Christians seen by humanists in society)Tim Finch
#cmn12 @andrewcopson "When people speak positively about Christians these are informed by personal contact rather than media representation"nickpollard
#cmn12 some of these perceptions are why we need so many well-informed voices in the digital space..Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 @timbald – more interesting that acknowledges that is same for any group ..Digital Fingerprint
@lizziejbird Church and Media Network ConferenceDigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 condescending/patronising – privileging a particular morality… I have to say most of these not unexpected!!Digital Fingerprint
Christians = complainers, want to be seen as victims, anti-everything – what do they stand FOR?, the bigot .. all gained from media #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
interesting to see responses from a range of humanists to word ‘Christians’ #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/1JfyylTCDigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 how has digital media changed the types of debates in the religious sphere .. Obvious = Occupy fed by digital #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
Gledhill lists religious celebs to watch in the coming year. I wonder will they or committed, local believers make most difference? #cmn12Norman Ivison
@BigChurchDayOut think you may be looking at personalised trends? Def not trending in UK and prob wouldn’t expect it to ;-(Digital Fingerprint
@danny_webster no such thing as a perfect tool ;-)Digital Fingerprint
@danny_webster That looks a bit bald … There was a wry smile on my face as I wrote it.. Want to encourage listen to MORE voicesDigital Fingerprint
You can, however, @danny_webster just choose to hear particular voices by muting hashtag or follow/defollow. #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
@danny_webster am thinking partic from ‘being there’ perspective.. But even outside I get a better overview -we all hear diff things #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
Times’ @RuthieGledhill predicts that the main issue for the CofE will move away from sexuality and focus on faith in public square #cmn12Evangelical Alliance
@danny_webster @vickybeeching tweets too short tho 😉 don’t want to just hear from an over-curated elite – range of voices great #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
@danny_webster @vickybeeching totally disagree… Allows others to join in. Can pick best of content for a blog post later, or… #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
@richardlittleda @ruthiegledhill just started… One way to ensure someone not picked for new ABC – media promotes! 1st woman bishop 2013?Digital Fingerprint
listening to @ruthiegledhill #cmn12 … just credited @jbnottage http://pic.twitter.com/MYMke8aHDigital Fingerprint
Will be crediting Cowley slug scourge and Keble undergrad @jbnottage with brilliant research with upcoming speech #cmn12Ruth Gledhill
#cmn12 as people disillusioned with religion = turn to politics, etc … And vice versa.Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 re-ritualisation – new ‘traditions’ emerging … E.g. ‘celebration’ cakes at funerals…Digital Fingerprint
People are disassociating themselves with religion. Doesn’t mean they don’t have a faith. "Religion has changed profoundly since 80s" #cmn12russ bravo
#cmn12 the world religion has become a toxic category…Linda Woodhead-Christian but not religious – rings truerosie harper
Speaking tmrrw at ‘church & media’ conf on perception of Xians by non-religious. So, crowdsourcing – yr first thoughts hearing ‘Christians’?Andrew Copson
#cmn12 what do people mean when they self-define as ‘no religion’, or even as ‘Christian’. Word religion = toxic.Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 the census results will shortly be out … Religion question only asked for 2nd time – a v politicised questionDigital Fingerprint
RT @digitalfprint: #cmn12 Linda Woodhead http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/faculty/profiles/Linda-Woodhead > Runs Religion and Society research programme with £15m of fundingruss bravo
Linda Woodhead #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/kJZ4YhRWDigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 Linda Woodhead http://www.lancs.ac.uk/fass/faculty/profiles/Linda-WoodheadDigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 hope @NatChurchTrust & @churchguides get a chance to chat at this conference…Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 a great looking rest of day ahead… http://lockerz.com/s/247551485Digital Fingerprint
TheMediaNet Academy gets back to work at #cmn12 . Great to work worth enthusiastic young people.Wayne Clarke
MT: Salford Uni academic @bethhewitt1: Facebook is dying, Twitter is the new alternative for under 16s #cmn12 <<< so truepmphillips
The word television may disappear… Less gap between the multi platforms #cmn12Dave Hill
#cmn12 we have just been told that in new series postman pat will tweetNat Churches Trust
I think @bethhewitt1 is someone I’d like to talk to #cmn12 …Digital Fingerprint
“@serenasnoad: sigh. please don’t demonise social networks. They are just tools to facilitate communication. #baby #bathwater” #cmn12pmphillips
Keep up to speed with where our children are at. They’re concerned with real issues. Newsround proves that children like news. #cmn12Dave Hill
RT @pmphillips CODEC International Symposium on Values in Social Media at Durham Uni this Friday http://dur.ac.uk/codec/about/e #cmn12 InterestingJacquie Hughes
@boudledidge another moral panic?Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 – many programmes succeed or fail on the back of twitter reaction – certainly it’s how unexpected cult followings developrosie harper
RT @tobygmscott: @annamdrew and @pmphillips hard at work at #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/pbucKlqL // nice picDigital Fingerprint
@digitalfprint @maggidawn True – and much involves responding to what others are saying. It’s called conversation #cmn12russ bravo
@pmphillips @digitalfprint My father (81) has just got an iPad, never too old to learn the tech #cmn12Graham Crosbie
#cmn12 definitely – parents have to take responsibility … On
/off button is not boring, it’s an important part of media literacy!!Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 I’m over 50 and also have nothing much to say, doesn’t stop me thoughgethinrussell-jones
.. @russbravo for you or for others? Lol #cmn12. Engaging enables you to ‘find your voice’ (HT @maggidawn)Digital Fingerprint
he’s only 11 years older than me @rosieswiss #cmn12 – older than him can do it. Too old to produce kids TV?Digital Fingerprint
For those interested here is vid of baby trying to ‘iPad’ a magazine #cmn12 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXV-yaFmQNk&feature=youtube_gdata_playerJoe Ware
#cmn12 age IS NOT an excuse – Been listening to the digital native debate too much … We can all learn the tech…Digital Fingerprint
great question @RuthieGledhill – Twitter conversations round TV programmes have made them interesting again #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
although @pmphillips I’m hearing a lot of fears now are not new … #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
Just worried about a rumbling digital-phobia/techno-phobia – has anyone read Amped? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Amped-Novel-Daniel-H-Wilson/dp/0385535155 #cmn12 #thefutureisnowpmphillips
#cmn12 always about the story/narrative … And then how do you bring that to life?Digital Fingerprint
Do children identify more with characters or theme? Research suggests it’s characters, rather than gender-targeted themes #cmn12russ bravo
@RevMartinPoole thanks – found it on Amazon for 1p #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
In a room full of people who had to *learn* to make their smartphones work, I’m not worried about kids gaining early exposure to tech #cmn12Toby Scott
Alison Kimberly – gender differences in TV … is it all about role models? #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/YtvofsOuDigital Fingerprint
Please take care if you’re in and around Durham today as there are lots of road closures and #floodsThis is Durham
On topic of trolls – a v sobering account of someone’s social media troll experience & who it turned out to be: http://www.traynorseye.com/2012/09/meeting-troll.html #cmn12Vicky Beeching
allow children to be children … #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
Amazing vid of 1-yr-old child playing Angry Birds on an iPad just shown #cmn12. V happy baby. Should we be worried?Ruth Gledhill
37% don’t have safety control software #cmn12 1/8 5-7 year old’s using internet on own… numbers rise with age…Digital Fingerprint
one to che.ck out for the book I”ve been commissioned to write… #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/dVUHtUyODigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 How much can creative TV people focus on the story and characters, and how much on the merchandising?russ bravo
looks interesting – 3/4 of children had no unsupervised play outside this summer #cmn12 #weather? http://pic.twitter.com/fGdCBNRnDigital Fingerprint
@srbishop @vickybeeching the spam bots are pretty obvious – are reporting them for spam.., #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
@russbravo oh .. I can see them on phone & iPad – so 2 different apps …Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 if everyone could block/report at least one of the spambots… ?!Digital Fingerprint
Phil Chalk from http://Factorytm.com now talking about their children’s animation work #cmn12Tim Finch
#cmn12 looks like we’ve been afflicted by a backwards ‘compliment’ – spam/porn bots seems to have joined the hashtagDigital Fingerprint
Phil Chalk … #cmn12 … from Factory http://pic.twitter.com/PF3pnV6IDigital Fingerprint
‘Why Don’t You just switch off the television and do something less boring instead?’ because WDY was good and worth watching! #cmn12Gavin Drake
#cmn12 that was it … Does/should BBC Children seek to produce good citizens?Digital Fingerprint
Joe Godwin BBC #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/Kq6PJIu8Digital Fingerprint
@richardlittleda don’t think any of us ever do 😉 I hope… #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
@Partakers_Dave @tobygmscott by who – should we challenge them?Digital Fingerprint
@joanieg1205 maybe access to one is seen as enough? I may have to google a nerf gun…Digital Fingerprint
Children want to be made to think about the world they live in. They are naturally curious and want to have their brains stretched #cmn12russ bravo
#cmn12 huge numbers watch CBBC with all that choice … Deliberate value choices made underpinning it all..Digital Fingerprint
what do children want? #cmn12 – lots of tech … http://pic.twitter.com/jAsq2g6ZDigital Fingerprint
equipment ownership for 5-16 year olds #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/zHloN2nCDigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 34 children’s channels, plus they watch a lot of prime time, plus lots of online eg Moshi MonstersDigital Fingerprint
My in-depth knowledge of Horrible Histories and Justin is really paying off in this morning’s session at #cmn12Toby Scott
@Partakers_Dave but you’s a little.older than me :-)Digital Fingerprint
"@dajbelshaw: w00p! RT @cristinacost: here it is – PhD thesis Abstract http://bit.ly/OZG1JJ"Digital Fingerprint
more chocolate (& jelly beans) #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/Lr7F4ZWcDigital Fingerprint
ha @georgeluke favourite programme Rastamouse gets a mention #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/kAn6IkwPDigital Fingerprint
. @gethinrj @nickpollard similar debates to digital … Constant moral panics with every new technology #cmn12Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 parents have always worried about their children’s leisure habits says Joe Godwin. Development of the @nickpollard themegethinrussell-jones
BBC children history #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/NzRqfKqXDigital Fingerprint
#cmn12 I wasn’t allowed TV until I was about 18 … brethren background…Digital Fingerprint
#joegodwin Need for historical perspective – children do get the TV they deserve: entertaining and stimulating #cmn12russ bravo
@charmainenm @andywalton he’s not … Hello Andy…Digital Fingerprint
#cmn12 TV – you can watch as much TV as you like so long as you write an essay on each programme … How to stop kids watching so much tvDigital Fingerprint
great line up… starting with Joe Godwin – Director BBC Children’s #cmn12 http://pic.twitter.com/yCjvOWdFDigital Fingerprint
RT @gethinrj: #cmn12 free fairtrade chocs doled out, too soon to munch? // Christmas!!!Digital Fingerprint
Panel gathering at #cmn12 to discuss children’s media http://pic.twitter.com/93pD7Fvgnickpollard

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