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Book Review: Cultures of Mediatization

Anyone read this book? Sounds quite hard going!

More worrying, this book is dated by the use of words such as “cyberculture”, “cyborgs” and “cyberpunks”. While there is attention paid to the Frankfurt School (again) and the medium theory of Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan, the participatory nature of the read-write web is neglected. Certainly there is attention in chapter 3 to theories of mediation, building into a definition of mediatisation, which is described as “the process in which these diverse types of media communication are established in varying contextual fields and the degree to which these fields are saturated with such types”. But once more, the challenge emerges in the echo chamber of definitions between “media”, “culture” and “communication”. At his most reverberant, Hepp confirms that “media culture are [sic] the cultures of mediatization, which becomes concrete in certain mediatized worlds”.

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