Looks like an interesting work of cultural history – how our ideas of what is ‘healthy’ is determined by changes in the ‘health’ industry:

Once upon a time, people generally considered themselves healthy unless they felt ill, or had frailties or symptoms beyond normal ones. Two large changes have resulted in a new model of health. First, in the past half-century we have seen the rise of risk factors: familiar things such as diet, age and sleep patterns, and unseen and unfamiliar things such as cholesterol levels, positive BRCA1 and 2 genetic tests, and PSA (prostate specific antigen) readings. We are all at risk, differing only in degrees. Second, and partly as a result of the first change, we can be normal and unhealthy at the same time, at least when there is some hope for treatment. For example, the unfortunate results of ageing used to be just that but now we look for medical means to stave them off or treat them. Thus, there is no contradiction in the thought that most of us are less than healthy in this or that respect.

Read full review.

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