#JISCEL12 – Catching up on @Dr_Black Keynote

How can we innovate more in education? With Dr Sue Black – who I’ve been privileged to have a (rather boozy) night out with on the South Bank a couple of years ago … First question:¬† What has been good/bad about your own educational experience? Are we doing the right thing now in educational institutions? […]

"Students as digital partners and pioneers" with #JISCEL12

I finally managed to get into the JISC ‘Innovating E-Learning’ conference by working at home… I have a few to catch up on, but this afternoon joining the University of Exeter talking about their cascade project – students as digital partners & pioneers. Malcolm Ryan started us off with a question … whilst people adjusted […]

Book Review: Curious Behaviour

I love a bit of cultural history, and this review tweaked my attention: What do you like in a book? Originality. What do you like in a character? Bravery. Robert Provine is a real character. Not from a book, but from real life. Could someone please make a movie about this scientist? He deserves to […]

“Inconvenient Truths”

Interesting article: Modern technology is so powerful that it is tempting to think that “nature” no longer exists. Commentators talk of the “death of nature”: the world is so affected by human action that nature in the sense of the untouched natural world has disappeared. Yet, recent events have reminded us of Horace’s oft-quoted dictum:¬†Naturam […]