The Seeds of the False Self: (from The Way of the Heart)

Anger & Greed – “the inner side of a secular life, the sour fruits of our worldly dependencies. What else is anger than the impulsive response to the experiences of being deprived?” Hmmm, making me wonder about ‘righteous anger‘?

Definitely reminds me that we are to seek ‘grace’ in all that we do – we can disagree, we can be angry, but can we demonstrate a way that’s not “of this world” in doing so? Can we challenge what the world does? Reminds me of this interpretation that my Winchester church did the other week (thanks Facebook for allowing me to remain involved):

Transformation in Christ: Romans 12:1-2 (hmm, think I may have mentioned this on Day 4!)

It’s a big challenge, especially for a cultural communications historian – I’m fascinated by how different cultures/people make meaning (from the same thing) – and reminds me of John Stott’s idea of “double listening“.

Prayer: Love the second half of this: “Help us to sever our dependencies on the world’s distraction and give us an opportunity to find ourselves in the shelter and safety of your wings”. Amen

Advent Action: Hmmm, forgo the world’s distractions for a day- but would a walk in the countryside be ‘the world’s distractions’? Unfortunately half of what he suggests is what I do for work, but tomorrow, however, I’m staying with friends in Winchester and will have a day that’s largely offline!!

Now, let me go & read Pam’s thoughts.

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