Compassion Demands Solidarity: (from The Way of the Heart)

This bit stood out for me “To die to our neighbours means to stop judging them, to stop evaluating them, and thus to become free to be compassionate. Compassion can never coexist with judgement because judgement creates distance, the distinction, which prevents us from really being with the other.”

I always think, who am I to judge anyone (although this then can bring criticism that we should be helping others on their Christian journey if we think that they need guidance) … life coaching training in particular gave me a real philosophy of “people start where they are – there is no where else to start”. People have to reach their own points when they are ready to change, and maybe they’ll ask for help to change … that does not mean that the behaviour of those others may not hurt in the meantime… but then I try and remove myself from that sphere of hurt…

A day-course on ‘change’ I went to many years ago – only 3 things are involved in situations – you, the other person/people, and the situation – which of those have you any ability to change?

Judging Others: Luke 6:37-38

Interesting – book is given in NIV ‘do not judge’ – I like comparing with The Message’ and “Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults—unless, of course, you want the same treatment.”

My Winchester housegroup have always said they think I am good at accepting people as they are, and I think I have definitely become more and more accepting the more I have wrestled with my own issues through counselling … although maybe sometimes I should get more angry!

Prayer: Replace harshness with compassion… Amen!

Advent Action: Again, an interesting challenge – make a short list of those you dislike – even surreptitiously – expunge one from your negative thoughts.

And now to see what Pam said.

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