Keeping it short today as I’m staying with friends and want to spend time with them 🙂

Mary, Our Mother

Well, there’s a challenging one… become a child as Jesus became a child… reclaim childhood. “It is a heart that will not wonder anxiously whether we are truly loved.”

Non-Catholics don’t concentrate too much on Mary until ‘the Christmas t-towel’… ?!

Children of God: 1 John 3: 1-2

In this world we are but children? We will grow up in ‘what will be’.

“Children of God”

Prayer: “Help us to become her children and yours, so we may be enveloped in the confidence of being truly loved and cared for by you both.”

Saying ‘yes’ to God’s invitations – however reluctantly.

Advent Action. Not quite sure what to do with today’s actions – place a picture of Mary to honour her place in the story…. or eat a pizza?!

Now off to see what Pam’s been up to

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