Passionate Waiting: Not sure I can quite get my head around what is written in here … the tie in of passion & waiting makes some sense – in that if you are passionate about something, and that you recognise that change takes time … then it’s worth waiting for (thinking of knowledge about 1% changes, etc.)…

Waiting for the Lord: Isaiah 25:6, 8-9 – sounds like a good party – who said God was a stick in the mud ‘will wipe away the tears from all faces’, as we ‘rejoice in his salvation’.

Been reading a lot of The Narnia Chronicles at the moment as I prepare for #bigread13 .. I’ve read Rowan Williams book, read the first 2 of the series (starting with Magician’s Nephew), & watched the 3 recent films … giving me some interesting insights into living a life, and taking responsibility for our own lives!

Prayer: Beautiful prayer re: wiping away our own tears, recognition of blessings, but also that we recognise others that need our help – there’s so many opportunities to give small encouragements, etc…  it’s not all about the big actions.

Advent Action: Requests us to say ‘yes, always’ to God. I always feel that I’m feeling my way with God – he’s probably being clear with what he’s saying to me – I don’t feel I can give an unqualified yes because I’m not sure if I’ve heard right or not – e.g. moving to Durham was a hard decision as I was giving up a permanent (if part time role) on 2 higher grade points than the new, contract based role – but despite things not being straightforward since arriving – – waiting on a lot of things – I still feel I’m in the right place, and the odd message of encouragement from others really helps keep that focus…

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  1. This is where I’m at . . . Waiting for God too be as I hang out in limbo not knowing if I’m just missing God’s voice or I’ve not missed it. Sigh. Thomas Merton said that obedience often starts with waiting.

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